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though i've slowed down quite considerably over the past few years. for the most part, i don't really do anything but drink on the weekends these days, but spent years upon years getting high on anything and everything. smoking crack, taking acid, shooting dope, shooting e, popin pills, the list could go on forever. i never once got hooked. it has to do with the fact that i grew up around drugs and drug addicts, saw more than my fair share of friends, od, go to prison, and die. i've seen heroin literally kill off an entire family. i think when you're exposed to shit like that, if you've got a brain in your head, you learn what your limits are. i also think that it's somewhat genetic, too. i think a lot of people are predisposed to addiction due to it running in the family. i feel extremely fortunate to have been able to rock out the way i did and end it all when i felt i was done with it, unscathed. (save for the loss of quite a few brain cells). this is not to say i don't get wasted on the rare occasion when i feel the time is right, but i never say never and it's always on my time.


R.I.P. TEAZE. he was one of the realest writers and realest persons i've ever come across.


so missed and so true theme our area is fuckin plagued by oxycontin and then ppl go to the dope (heroin) we need to stop so many youth dyin around here its fucking crazy




very sad about the brockton hs scene so fucked up.

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so, just curious...


is there ANYONE here (besides myself) that meets all of the following criteria:


a) has been doing shit like benzos, opiates, amps, coke, ecstasy, acid, shrooms, etc. for several years now (meaning like, AT LEAST 5)


b) has never become dysfunctional or "bad off" due to their drug use, and lives an overall healthy/active/fulfilling life


c) continues to indulge on a pretty regular basis, like every weekend perhaps


not trying to toot my own horn at all.

it just seems like everyone here has either gone totally off their rocker and is now straightened out, IS currently off their rocker, or never really did anything except smoke pot and/or drink.




It is easy to have a functional, fulfilling life but over time and before you realize it you are hooked on shit more than you want to believe. I could have gone on for another 5 or 6 years doing drugs on top of the 5 or 6 I have steady been doing them but once you see everyone around you fucking up you just realize you should stop before funtional turns into dysfunctional. It sneaks you like that, that's how people ruin their whole lives, because they don't know when to say enough is enough and dead all contact with drugs and anyone who even uses them once a week.


If you can sustain every weekend for many years I guess you are cool though. The second it turns into twice a week, three times a week is when you are starting down the road.

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