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I never been to N.A but recently I have stopped fuckin around with bum ass cats who just sit on a couch and eat pills and smoke herb while staring at the TV all day. I now goto the gym all the time and just fall back with myself and burn an L after a hard days work. It's pretty cool how amazing my orgasms feel after my happy juice isn't being used up by opiates. (no homo since females aren't present I suppose)

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Some people have no self control though.


I saw the things in front of me, and made a life style change.

So that I can save myself, and achieve the things that truly make me feel good instead of replacing them with cheap thrills.


Mafuckas need to turn around while they can.



word to this. it gets oooooold quick when you see/experience stuff...

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thats pretty much the way I went. like i cant see the end of the road but i can see a really really sharp turn and then a bunch of trees. get out while you can. and so here i am....




ever tried meditation? it's really very good for you. will get your mind right. sounds like something you need right about now. NA is fine if you feel like you need it, but you can just stop. it's easy. go look at yourself in the mirror and say "i give up on drugs" and that's it. you can click your heels if you want, or wiggle your nose, or whatever the fuck, but all you gotta do is give up on the shit. not give in.

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Yeah dude, unless you get withdraws so bad you are convulsing and foaming at the mouth it isn't too hard to stop.


I just said don't be a pussy, spent a few days sick and shitting my brains out, stopped calling and answering calls from anyone associated with where I used to chill, and hit the gym when I was feeling better.


After a bit you can really see clear how you were changing, everyone around you was too, and how much of a scumbag you were actually becoming to be.


I just told myself I don't want to be that dude. You know everyone steals on you and talks about you being a fuck up when you go into the other room at a party or some shit.

I would rather be the dude rolling the L's and fucking the hos. Instead of slumped on the couch like a zombie.

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yeah i did give up. i meditate kind of by walking but that isnt free of external stimulus... and often times a bit more stressful.


find yourself a good quiet spot, man. if you don't want to go outside, sit in your room,

cross legged on the floor. light a candle or turn on a single lamp, close your eyes, and let your mind be clear.


exercising is good, too. walk, jog, whatever.




something else you gotta do, and this will be the hard part, is separate from the people

who you used to hang with (the drug kids). watch out for the boredom calls. they'll get ya.

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i just started at AA....i still bern chronic though....ya know its not like I ever smoked alot of weed and ended up puking out the window while driving.....or getting in street fights cuz im stoned.....alcohol is my demon...congrats for getting yourself on the right track...


ps. this may affect my team alco status

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I went to NA when I was in rehab.

It never meant a thing to me.

Just a boring place I had to sit and listen to boring people talk about boring drug shit for an hour.


I know it helps some people, but it wasn't for me at all.


I never went to rehab because I was ready to quit.

I just wanted to get my habit to something managable.

So of course rehab never made me stay clean.


Eventually, I was tired of that life and everything it takes from one.

So I quit.

I was sick on my mom's couch for a week or so.

Stopped hanging out with everyone I knew.

Found new places to hang out, etc.

It was easy.

Because I was done shooting heroin and wanted something different out of life.


I will have 5 years clean off heroin in Feb.

Save for one or two minor slip ups where I got high once.

The last slip up was over two years ago.

I don't have the urge to do heroin ever.

And I don't have to go sit in meetings to help me stay away from it.


I understand people going to meetings when they are first clean, but it was never an issue with me.

I knew there was something I wanted to do.

Which was not do drugs.

So that is what happened.


And not that it matters, but I wasn't some half-assed drug user.

I was a full on junkie and crack head for about 10 years.

I lived on the streets and did horrible things to people to support my habits.

I am no longer that jerk.


Just saying, if I could quit on my own, I think anyone should be able to do the same.



Do your thing, though.

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kudos to you. heroin being a very difficult thing to overcome i suppose. i have watched friends slip away and take multiple trips to rehab over diesel and shooting heroin alike. shit is bad news. i think it was the presence of people who fucked themselves up really badly that kept me away from that... that and i was a speed freak.

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meth is easy as hell to get caught up in.


i never got so bad to where i was doing bad shit to get drugs..i was one of those dudes who still did his shit, acted responsible but was doing massive amounts of speed and coke which eventually led to a mild stroke and ive been sober ever since (from speed and coke)

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Everything is relative, I suppose.


I can't quit drinking, because I am not ready to yet.

Even though I screw up a lot of shit in my life because of it.

I am sure once I am ready to quit, it should be something I can do.


Quitting heroin was easy.

Not at first, because I wasn't done doing it.

So I would kick and be sick and hate life.

Then go right back to it.

Whether it was my own choice, or because I went back to boyfriends that were still using.

Crack and cocaine were easy to quit because it was never much fun for me.

That's not saying I still wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars a day on it and stay up for 14 days at a time and be completely bat shit crazy and talking to people that weren't there.

It was never something I enjoyed.

Just my addict personality doens't know when to stop once I start.


But really, it wasn't that hard to quit.

Once I knew it was something that I not only needed, but wanted to do.


My friend was telling me she ran into some girl we both knew.

I somehow got brought up.

The girl thought I was dead because I hadn't been around for so long.

My friend told her I was clean.

And had been for a long time.

The girl was surprised.

"M*****, the one who used to rob dope dealers and stab people and be totally insane?"

"Yes, the one and only"

"I guess that goes to show if she can quit, anyone can quit."


Which is basically what I said before.

Anyone can do it.

I am nothing special just because I over-came an addiction.


Good luck with everything though.


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