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I'm going on a long trip this summer and wanted to buy a lens that can cover most situations so that i don't have to carry around 5 lenses. I was looking into the nikon 18-105 or the 18-135. I will also bring my 35mm 1.8 prime.

the 18-105 is about 400$ new (250 used)

and the 18-135 i found a used one for 250 as well.

anyone ever shot with these lenses? or have any other suggestions of a lens i can combine with my 35mm?

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I have a 28-200 Sigma that I shoot on my Pentax. I'm not too big of a fan of it as it is not as sharp as I would like. I can't speak for the Nikon, but most of the zooms that I've used that cover a wide range are not awesomely sharp or great in low light unless you want to spend a ton. Pretty sure Nikon makes an 85mm 1.8 that should be more along the lines of a 130mm if you're shooting on APS-C.


While I'm at it, if there are any Pentax shooters on here that have used a k-01, shoot me a PM and let me know how you like it. I like my K20 but the k-01 is hella cheap now and come bundled with a lens that I've been wanting to buy anyways.

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i have had a nikon d3000 for a while but honestly didnt like it that much. i hate digital for anything outside of flicking graff and taking pictures of things that dont have artistic photographic value. it was really just kind of a pain to lug around.

so i was pretty hyped when i was able to cop this:


from a garage sale for $10 with an SD card.


besides those I frequently carry a Stylus Epic or a Ricoh tls401. I fucking love film. Gimme some Portra or even some drug store off brand any day over some megapixels

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these seem to be a pretty good camera except when you're trying to focus quickly in bright scenarios

i.e. photographing panels on a train flying past you at a train station.

for what I mostly use it for it's probably too advanced a camera but it does take nice shots of people and things

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Anyone own a gopro? or any camera of that type?

I'm going on a trip to Ecuador where i will be doing some snorkeling, lots of mountain biking, surfing etc. and I also snowboard every year and mountain bike etc so i can always use it. thought this would be awesome to capture with a gopro. I've seen a lot of videos on youtube and they look pretty great and you can do a lot of different things with it.

Any tips for accessories to buy? any reviews?

I have looked up reviews on google but i always like to hear from people on here.



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A few friends have the GoPro, always looks good. I've sold hundreds of them and nobody ever complains. Make sure you get a fast enough card if you go Hero 3 Black. 30mb/s isn't fast enough. A lot of people have had issues with the camera locking up. That's about it, card related though.

They are listed as runout though so keep an eye out for a Hero 4/new version soon. No idea what they're doing yet though.


Just ordered a Canon F-1 from KEH. Picked up a 35mm f/2 off eBay from Japan. I wanted something smaller than the 1N since I'll be spending November in the States and want to walk around with it all day. I should have gone back to a Nikon FM2 or something lighter, but I've never tried the Canon 35mm mechanical cameras so it should be a bit of fun.




If anyone is interested I've got still got my Bronica SQ-AI kit up for sale. And a Leica M4 + 50mm Summicron. Need to move them in the next couple of weeks.

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Thanks for the feed back guys, must spread rep.

I got the hero black 3, pretty much got all the functions and stuff down and i'm really impressed by the quality! Can't wait to see what it can do!! I'll be back in 3 weeks and then i'll post some stuff up!

I've never really done any videos so I have a lot to learn especially in the editing department....i'm excited!

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Just ordered a Canon F-1 (...) I should have gone back to a Nikon FM2 or something lighter, but I've never tried the Canon 35mm mechanical cameras (...)

I used "Canon 35mm mechanical" for quite a while now; AE-1 mostly, never had an F1 though.

They're 820g without lens, not that great to carry all day, but hey, you're used to heavy cameras.


Definately try to get the FDn 50mm f1.4 for the Canon.



My Canon just died, and somebody gave me a Nikon "FG".

It's one of their smallest, lightest, and cheapest SLR's. Does all it is supposed to. I like it!



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