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5000 (7:50:50 PM): i heard things about a hoveround, and you were the one to ask

Fat Guy(7:51:12 PM): yes

000 (7:51:20 PM): whats the word on it

Fat Guy (7:51:37 PM): don't use them in SF

5000 (7:51:45 PM): dont tell me what to do

5000 (7:51:48 PM): but why

Fat Guy (7:52:04 PM): the hills

5000 (7:52:06 PM): do they scream "rape me"

5000 (7:52:08 PM): oh, hills

5000 (7:52:09 PM): yeah

5000 (7:52:28 PM): i figured it was the rape thing

Fat Guy (7:52:38 PM): no who doesn't like rape?

5000 (7:52:43 PM): well, its suprise sex

5000 (7:52:46 PM): not rape

5000 (7:52:49 PM): didnt you get the memo

Fat Guy(7:53:08 PM): no, but i knew that already

Fat Guy(7:53:20 PM): its like christmas

5000 (7:53:23 PM): seriously

Fat Guy (7:53:45 PM): Rape It's Like Christmas shirts coming soon

5000 (7:53:47 PM): remember that time that guy raped all those girls, then killed them

Fat Guy (7:53:57 PM): isn't this like everyday

5000 (7:54:04 PM): nah nah, just that one guy

Fat Guy (7:54:11 PM): not really

5000 (7:54:13 PM): then they made an hour documentary about it

5000 (7:54:23 PM): yeah, it was that guy, i heard he raped the girls specifically cuz they were on hoverrounds

Fat Guy (7:54:48 PM): well thats just common sense

Fat Guy (7:55:00 PM): if you is too lazy and fat to walk

5000 (7:55:05 PM): exactly!

Fat Guy (7:55:05 PM): then you iz gonna get raped

5000 (7:55:20 PM): you know what statistcaly, is the rape proof vehicle, Pogo stick

5000(7:55:29 PM): not even the greeks could rape people on it

Fat Guy (7:55:40 PM): hard to rape when you got someone pogoing in your ass

5000 (7:55:54 PM): the probelm with the pogo stick, cant carry groceries

Fat Guy (7:56:08 PM): fuck groceries.. you got a pogo stick

5000 (7:56:13 PM): exactly

Fat Guy (7:56:29 PM): makes it hard to catch tags though

5000 (7:56:30 PM): groceries are cool though, especially when your groceries can construct a delicious sammish

Fat Guy (7:57:15 PM): i suppose, but pogo is where its at

Fat Guy (7:57:24 PM): pogo or die?

5000 (7:58:03 PM): yeah

Fat Guy (7:58:51 PM): they should do a movie like mad maxx but with pogos

5000 (7:59:13 PM): better yet, they should make a movie about air force one, except use harrison ford as the president

5000 (7:59:15 PM): yeah, keep up

5000 (7:59:27 PM): and someone should try to hijack said plane

5000 (7:59:31 PM): still with me? good

5000 (7:59:42 PM): and then other stuff happens, and people will buy tickets

Fat Guy(8:00:11 PM): itd be better with the pogo as harrison ford

5000 (8:00:17 PM): yeah, we can do that

5000 (8:00:28 PM): harrison ford is just someoen who came to mind

5000 (8:00:32 PM): cuz ya know, indiana jones

Fat Guy (8:01:00 PM): true

5000 (8:01:10 PM): yeah, it is true, read a book

Fat Guy (8:01:18 PM): we should remake movies but use pogos as the stars instead

5000 (8:01:23 PM): yeah

5000 (8:01:25 PM): and black people

5000 (8:01:29 PM): even when the people were originally black

Fat Guy (8:01:34 PM): what are black people?

5000 (8:01:38 PM): sorry, colored

Fat Guy(8:01:51 PM): who's colored?

Fat Guy (8:01:55 PM): you iz crazy fool

5000(8:01:56 PM): crayons

5000 (8:02:05 PM): 16 glorious pounds of crayons

5000 (8:02:30 PM): like a siamese twins of crayons

5000 (8:02:36 PM): connected at the awesome

Fat Guy (8:03:09 PM): awesome

5000 (8:03:37 PM): yeah

5000(8:03:47 PM): no surgery required, they will be able to fly hang gliders

Fat Guy (8:03:57 PM): oh shit

Fat Guy (8:04:02 PM): flying people

5000(8:04:05 PM): yeah, seriously

5000(8:04:16 PM): they can take pictures up there like birds, and then still be connected

Fat Guy (8:04:49 PM): connected at awesome

5000 (8:04:53 PM): yeah

5000(8:04:56 PM): well, at the awesome

5000 (8:05:07 PM): its a body part, look it up, darwin

5000 (8:05:10 PM): he wrote about it

5000 (8:05:25 PM): chapter 413, "the evolution of the awesome in humans"

Fat Guy (8:05:37 PM): humans are not awesome

Fat Guy (8:05:42 PM): troublesome yes

5000 (8:05:43 PM): no, dude

5000 (8:05:46 PM): seriously, keep up

5000 (8:05:50 PM): you're stuck on harrison ford

5000(8:06:03 PM): im flap jawing at you about the awesome these siamese twins are connected at

Fat Guy (8:06:26 PM): i don't know

Fat Guy (8:06:29 PM): i suppose

Fat Guy (8:06:44 PM): but fuck siamese.. there as scary as midgets on acid

5000 (8:06:57 PM): they're

5000 (8:07:00 PM): its they're

5000 (8:07:08 PM): but back to the topic, hover rounds

5000 (8:07:21 PM): you know, you could get your for free if they say your medicare will pay for it and medicare wont

Fat Guy (8:07:56 PM): bogus

Fat Guy (8:07:59 PM): i'm fat

Fat Guy(8:08:01 PM): and lazy

Fat Guy (8:08:14 PM): and deserve to be fucking epically lazy by not having to walk

5000 (8:08:21 PM): oh, but you tellin me about pogo sticking like you magnus vermagnuson

Fat Guy (8:08:35 PM): that was before i got fat

Fat Guy (8:08:41 PM): and black

Fat Guy (8:08:47 PM): i'm fat black man

5000 (8:08:50 PM): really?

Fat Guy (8:08:53 PM): yes

Fat Guy (8:08:55 PM): ask sooki

5000 (8:08:58 PM): shit i seen that picure of you with a helmet eating that hamburger

Fat Guy(8:09:07 PM): thats my son

5000 (8:09:57 PM): really?

5000 (8:10:04 PM): i call shenanigans on that

Fat Guy (8:10:04 PM): no

Fat Guy (8:10:12 PM): but i am a fat black man

5000 (8:10:23 PM): SHENANIGANS!

Fat Guy (8:10:34 PM): ask sooki

5000 (8:10:38 PM): i need to shower, i smell homeless

5000 (8:10:45 PM): and im very home-ed

Fat Guy (8:10:48 PM): me too, but i'll keep the stench

Fat Guy (8:11:02 PM): i love my own filth

5000 (8:11:09 PM): and your cheeseburgers

5000 (8:11:34 PM): alright iou, i gotta shower

5000 (8:11:42 PM): We'll continue to discuss this later

5000 (8:11:46 PM): so, to sumarize

5000 (8:12:24 PM): hoverounds


pogo sticks

air force one movie

harrison ford



siamese twins




Fat Guy (8:12:57 PM): yes sounds good

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