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The Reggae Thread


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This shit was like a summer anthem


Midnite is the shit

I like a lot of old shit off of Trojan


Im feeling this shit. I hate to say it, but he sorta sounds like Bling Bling from indecline:lol:

Here's another classic, sorry if it's a little played out, but I love this song.


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some how BOB has gone through this, hes what most people who have never heard reggie b4 have heard of, thus reggie fans look down on you if you say i like BOB; but really its only if the only album you own is legend, where you're some what tool status. BOB made SOOOOO much music that still kills the culture music of today. Its too bad there is a decline in instrumentation in the reggie world now. cause the money nah run for bands or theres a conflict of interest most reggae artists ar solo acts, one dude voice, one dude produce the rhythms, shits less then it could be in terms of the artistry. To make money you have to ALWAYS make next tunes and TOUR, stage shows are where the money is.



you cant tougher then BOB. the man get rated number one for iver. However there are some super strong next singers and djs to hold the vibe.

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