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The Reggae Thread

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I live in chicago holler at me


truth and rights-ernest wilson


the real thing-bitty mclean (gonna make this the first dance at my wedding real talk)



slow motion-vybz kartel (there was a time when I bumped this steady for like a month I have a version w/ out autotune...)


Every little thing-J boog


Live me life- ROmain Virgo


bless it up seen

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Suds, you have Spotify? Amazing selection on there. Barely ever go on youtube after building up my lists on there.

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Don't know if you've all heard the new Fortunate Youth album, but it's hit #1 on the Reggae Billboard charts. I really dig them, you might too.


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again, idk shit about reggae, but anything thats #1 on the charts is usually suspect.. think about any #1 hits for pop, metal, rap, etc.. all garbage. then again, maybe the reggae scenes a bit different.. the point is, there are usually disingenuous people working these chart toppers who tell you that something is #1 when there far more deserving artists. is the reggae world controlled by clearchannel? thats pretty much the dealbreaker


but yeah i do like that song hah


lugrs too

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The reggae scene does seem to operate different imo. I'm friends with a couple local reggae bands that have played with those guys and from what i've heard them say about those dudes is that they are the real deal. There is a new wave coming in reggae and it's getting stronger with bands like SOJA, Iration, Fortunate Youth, The Approach, Mighty High, Ethan Tucker, Seedless, Natural Vibrations...etc. The roots of reggae are really coming out in these groups and it's invigorating to hear fresh music like this. It's the fan base that blasted them to number 1. They do alot of self-promoting as do most reggae bands and it's because their music is so sick that they've achieved that spot. I say well deserved.

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Cali P

Cookie The Herbalist

Gappy Ranks

Jah Sun

Kabaka Pyramid - Really digging hid Accurate mixtape rite now

Mighty Mystic

Randy Valentine

Stephen Marley

Ky-Mani Marley

Vybz Kartel

Warrior King

Damian Marley

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