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tell me something embarrasing about yourself

Spruce Lee

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drinking and driving sucks. if i am drunk and i have to drive, i'll stop somewhere to grab a bite to eat and some coffee. i hate having to close one eye so i can focus, and i really dont need another dui. most of the time i'll walk home and bomb a few spots, or just be on some retarded drunken mission that makes no sense. im to paranoid that if i drink and drive im going to kill bus full of kids. besides i've been to way to many of my friends funerals becuase of drinking and driving.

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I'm not sticking up for it. I'm just saying that we all do it. Or at least those of us that drink and own a car.

Under the law you're legally drunk after a beer or two.

So yeah, who doesn't drive just cause they drank a few beers?

I mean, unless you don't have a car. Or you live in a city like NYC where it's pretty much more of a hassle to drive than it is to just get on a subway or a bus.

Shit in most cities the busses don't even run late at night and there are no cabs driving around.


Personally, I try not to drive when I'm shitfaced. If I'm too fucked up to drive, I know it.

But I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that I never have just to look all high and mighty on the internet.


You hollier than though internet people trying to act like you have never driven after drinking are just fronting.

Or you either don't drink or don't own a car.

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yeah i don't drink and drive but i don't have a car. but if i did i'm sure there would be a point and time that i would. luckily for me the watering hole is just a block from my house so i can get as fucked up as i want and just walk home. but that's not embarassing. last week i was pissing in the ash tray infront of the said bar. i got caught by the hot ass bartender which she also happens to be my friend. well needless to say she cut me off. and told me about it the next day. i didn't remember doing it. she kinda laughed about it when she told me cause i guess i got all startled and peed a lil on my pants. that was embarassing.

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