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Abandoned Places

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Thaught it would be a cool thread, post flicks and stories of abandoned places you have been.


my first one is a abandon school in Richmond Va, sealed up really tight,

it was actually a deparment of corrections juvinile school.


place scared the shit out of me........ i'll post some flicks if this thread takes off.

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when i was a teen we used to hang out here

Pontiac State Hospital, old Insane Asylum


theyve got tunnels that run all over, well now it's torn down and there's houses there. i used to work on the houses when they built em, pretty creepy place.



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that is amazing. we used to have this old dynamite factory in town. it has since been torn down completely.


these pictures aren't mine












the cool thing about it was that it was miles away from any civilization and out on the waterfront.

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The Midwest/North East has alot of good Abandon Buildings. They're the only places I have gone where you can find them in the Urban, Suburban, and Rural parts of the States.

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yo where im from theres these string of abandoned underground military bunkers

and each bunker has a steel door about 20 feet thick. me and my boy went in there and found some gold bars.. i guess they used to store gold down there? anyways when we where going back up to the surface we noticed another room labeled (time) we couldnt get it open so we just left. when we got back to my boys crib we noticed 3 unmarked black helicopters where chasing us. but nothing came from it..too bad i have no pics.

shit was awesome


oh and we bought a dope house in the middle of the city witht he gold. after we melted it and turned it into jewelry.

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