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Oliver Clothesoff

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For everyone that wants to put their 2cents in........good or bad, the dude dissed that car and didn't even leave his name. I had to find out from one of his friends who told one of my boys out of pure disgust.


The apology that you've seen, as illiterate as it is, was forced by my threats over the phone or else you woudn't even see the half ass apology that you're seeing now.

Still pathetic and half-hearted.


Anyone who stands behind this guy.........and I mean ANYONE is a fucking GIANT TOY!

If that hurts YOUR feelings.........then fuck you, veteran or not! You know who you are.

If the shoe fits........then wear it bro.

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this proved nothing, the trede is on the other side of the car




so i guess the other 2 flicks were from the 3rd and 4th side of the car?

you only quoted 2 of the 4 flicks..

dont need your disapproval unless you want to explain away the other 2 flicks ;)

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I got to paint my first cold train the other night. there was a time i would have thought a cold train would never make it to wisconsin but there lease is long been up and they are on the move. one down and hopefully a few more to go!!!


I hear ya. One rolled into a hot spot of mine this week (any sort of reefer is very rare for me). A certain effortless fuck was already up on the paintable side...I was going to splash it with some fatcaps and not leave a name. But then I decided to man up and do a burner over him. I had to wait for dusk....but she rolled away. I still feel good about my call....I ain't no punk ass bitch.

Ohh well, I'm overdue for a roadtrip.....

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