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NRDX 095109 SAN DIEGO CA 11 20 0701 E Junction Delivery SDIY SAN DIEGO CA BNSF









I dont know about you guys..but I'd much rather paint one of these instead of the new paint jobs..anybody know if there are still some running around?



Buddy this is from their original fleet... theyve ALL been repainted, and retained their numbers

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i side busted tonight.. forreals lol

bump people who get peepee hurt easy

bump that audio 57!!

if i find that unfinshed shit im usin the backround

bump one of the sexyest trains runnin, coldtwains


Hahaha! THIS ^^^^ guy! No......bump people who bump themselves! Ahem ahem (YOU).

You're corny bro. I FINALLY know who to direct the "corny" label to! Thanks for that.

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