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dirty dozen

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free invites


more PM storage


the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a great website


access to secret shit..


the first to know about new shit before it hits


a photo of cat face tits


coupons off of 4THW.com


other "perks" that you will find out about after you go premo


more things from bloodfarts life

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I wouldn't mind donating some funds to 12oz. but I don't have a clue what my E-mail that I started this name with was and I doubt it's even still funcional.

Also I don't have the patience to read every single post on that other thread to figure out how I'm supposed to donate while letting them know that it's from me.

Can somebody give this lazy mother fucker (me) a breakdown on how to go about this?



go to your control panel and look for SUBSCRIPTIONS...



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