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Masta P

Imagine substitutin crack for music

I mean dope tapes

This is how we would make it. (There it is right there)

For all you playas, hustlaz, ballas and even you smokas


Ma ma ma ma make crack like this


Masta P

Ghetto Dope No Limit Records

(Ma ma ma make crack like this)

Part of the Tobacco, Firearms, and Freedom of Speech Committee.

Thank you dope fiends for your support. Ha ha.


(Beat starts)


C Murder

Let me give a shot out to the D Boys (drug dealas)

Neighborhood dope man

I mean real niggas

Thata make a dolla out a fifteen cents

Ain't got a dime, but I rides and pay the rent

Professional crackslanger I serve fiends

I once went to jail for having rocks up in my jeans

But nowadays I be too smart for the Taz

C Murder been known to keep the rocks up in the skillet man

Waitin on a kilo they eight I'm straight you dig

What you need ten

Ain't no fuckin order too big

And makin crack like this is the song

You won't be getting yo money if yo shit ain't cooked long

Never cook yo dope it might come out brown

Them fiends gonna run yo ass clean outa town

But fuck that I'm bout to put my soldias in the game

And tell ya how to make crack from cocaine.

1. Look for the nigga wit the whitest snow

2. No buying from no nigga that you don't know

make yo way to the kitchen where the stove be

You get the baking soda I got yo D

Get the triple beam and measure out yo dope

Mix one gram of soda every seven grams of coke

An shake it up until it get harder

Then sit the tube in some ready made cold water

Twist the bitch like a knot while it's still hot

And watch that shit while it can rise to the fuckin top

Now ya cocaine powda is crack.

Nigga I hopes you strapped cause you might get jacked.


Ghett Ghett Ghett Ghetto Dope

Ma Ma Ma Ma Make Crack like this Ghett Ghetto Dope (Repeat 4times)



My phone rang I picked it up

(Need some weight)

What you need

(Silkk bout a coupla K)

I had it all into powder but it ain't no thang

Gimme a coupla hours I have it all in a cake

Trust nobody got my gun and went an smacked Kane and Abel

You probably catch me choppin ki's choppin ki's up on my mom'stable

I got a big order for some coke

I called some hoes up

I want ya'll but naked while you cookin up my dope

I told ya'll we some Tru G's

See me and P and C

??? with uzi's

Choppin up two ki's

Baby twenty-four oz's a piece

Cause see if it ain't about money

Then it ain't about me

Hella mail from sales

Hella yeah for scales

Come up short

My money jumpin yo ass like bail

First of all you gotta have nuts

Don't give a fuck

Cause when I bust niggas guts

They know if it miss it ain't by much

Thinkin short like I'm only seventeen

A coupla dope fiends

Some oz's

A triple beam

And then playa hit yo block

And tell a bitch nigga to raise up off the spot

That's why I acts like this

But I rides rims, them gold D's (Ma Ma Make Crack like this)

I made crack like this




Masta P


Nigga Nigga never let a nigga

Front you no dizos

Start from the ground

Work yo way up to a kilo

Get some killas on yo team

Keep one up in the chamber

For the jackas and the dope fiends

Fools come short get rowdy

Kick down doors

Show mutha fuckas that ya bout it bout it

Break ki's down to oz's

Never buy any dope

Without weighin it on the triple beam

Fuck soda use V-12

Keep a stash for the tryin to take other niggas clientele

Check the man made junk for residue

Cause every fiend you miss want three or two

1. Never talk on the phone in ya house

2. Never slang dope out ya baby momma's house

3. Never fuck with snitches

Cause niggas that talk to the police is bitches

4. Keep a low key

And if you movin weight

Treat yo'self to an uzi

The first hit for free (damn)

But the next time you see me

You betta have twenty G

5. Never pay

Pimp hoes for the pussy

That's the 'Merican way

Clean up ya dirty money to good money

Cause legal money last longer than drug money.

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My name’s Derek

I’m from Queens, right there on Merrick

Raised off honesty, loyalty, good merits

Got a little sister and my pop just perished

And I just came home so my freedom I really cherish

Young when they bagged me

Seven in the can, it’s torture and I just did that for manslaughter

Odds was against me, murder in the second degree

Made it less cuz I gave ‘em a plea

It’s done passed, now a dude home tryna clean up his past

But all niggas know me for is the past

Though my mind’s always thinking how to pocket some cash

They know if something never sparked it’ll cock it and blast

Now I’m tryna live straight and get my act together

But my mom struggling, she putting scraps together

Long time ago when I wasn’t home she was cleaning my room

Cried when she found a gat in the dresser

Said no child of hers would have had that never

But with all the dirt I was doing, I felt like I had to protect her

I had to protect us

Instead of me selling crack forever

She rather me in ShopRite getting bags together

Past endeavors won’t allow me to get work, forced me to get work

On apps they ask if you ever been to jail

Like if I say yes you’ll hire me, nigga don’t lie to me

I got a little sister that’s nine, plus moms is chillin

With some new dude I think she’s feeling

But he don’t help with the bills and I’m back on the strip

So we don’t go broke, I’m back to this hammer that I have to tote

Stash you know, I’m killin ‘em

Only nigga on the ave with coke

Only man in the house I gotta bring in cash

And them two checks a month that mom get don’t last

Little Sally’s real young, she’s developing fast

Oh you thinking the same thing, it’s a hell of a task

Then they clip me, plain clothes, cops came to get me

But knew that I had mine on, threatened to hit me

And I moved swiftly, said they had a warrant

They knew about it all, they said they had an informant

I’m back in the cage, the cell, with the apes in jail

Now I’m back in this 8x12

See I tried to live right, but society ain’t made for niggas to live right

So mommy just write, mommy make sure Sally keep her shit tight

And I’ll be home real soon, don’t cry its aight




My name’s Sally

And I'm from Queens, I'm not happy

Dad passed away, mom remarried

Got a big bro, he's in jail

Mom said for “some things that he used to sell”

And I'm always with stepdad, his name’s Bo

And there’s some things about him that my mom don't know

And he says if I tell that it won't be pretty

And I'm really scared of him, he's already hit me

He touches me places, I don't like it

And I ain’t talking bout a hug or goodbye kiss

I mean touch me places that’s private

And he don't just touch, he put something inside it

He says the more he does that, I'll start to like it

Hand over my mouth so I'm quiet

Moms only wit 'em cause our money is low

I'm sixteen but I'm shaped like a twenty year old

And my mom’s in love so she makes excuses

But she looks at me and sees scrapes and bruises

Why stepdaddy gotta take me through this?

Help, somebody, I’m getting raped, I can’t do this

Nobody understands I'm weary

Get goosebumps anytime a man come near me

Know how it feel to have a man use you for a cushion

All the while moaning and pushing

You’se try to push him, he's getting bothered

You yell and you scream but he starts going harder

Trust me, it’s something you don't wanna be a part of

Cuz even when it's over, ya life it'll scar ya

Visit my bro, he can tell I'm sad

Staring hard at my stomach he can tell I'm fat

He can tell I'm mad

But stepdaddy touched me, fucked me

You think that I can tell him that?

Bo called the cops on him, could I tell him that?

Yup, thought you’d agree so I keep it all to me

Baby on the way, and I'm not working

And I know it's his cuz I used to be a virgin

Derek says he’ll handle it, wipe my tears

He don't know, this is what it’s like for years

And it falls on deaf ears

Damn mommy please come home

Please mommy don’t leave us alone

Some secrets are hard to keep

Some secrets make it hard to sleep

And sleep is the only time I feel safe

Still the act haunts me

And I know that I'ma wake up with stepdaddy on me




My name's Bo

Got a chick named Pam that I live with

But she's always in church, real religious

I had a son, he was young, he was gifted

Til a nigga killed him a week before Christmas

Three shots, close range with a hand gun

I knew before I met Pam that it was Pam's son

I knew when I pulled the mil out harder

And went on a manhunt just to kill their father

Derek and my boy had a mutual friend

And put me on, going, “What I gotta do for revenge?”

Derek's coming home now, and he's gonna get it

And I know he'll be looking for me with a biscuit

Not hard to find, got them techs in handy

And I'm in his house having sex with his family

I got his mom on the bed and the canopy

And I'm with his sister molesting her candy

Now he know it all, his friend probably told him

And you can't hide nothing in a hood so small


But then it came Sunday, Bo ain’t have to work

Just humped on Sally, Pam is in church

Derek bust in, Bo just froze

White shit on his nose, Sally getting her clothes

Screams, "Get ready for your funeral, Bo!"

And then he reached to his hip and let a few of ‘em go

Cuz he's packing, but Sally starts gasping

Holding her stomach, I guess she started having contractions

Bo grabbed his, now they both got heat, just gunning

Both ignoring the seed that's coming

Now Sally's in the crossfire, screams out, “Stop!"

Holes in the wall, now the scene's getting hot

Next thirty seconds all that’s seen is the cops

Yellow tape up, now the scene's getting blocked

Barricades up, yup, you already know y'all

Ambulance there, street full of patrol cars

Cops on the megaphone, "Come down now!"

But it all calmed down somehow

Bo comes out, hands showing, carrying his arms

Derek comes down, little Sally in his arms

She had nothing to say, she was hit by a stray

Shots done ricocheted, cops take ‘em away

And now some niggas miss him

But it wasn't the guns that killed Sally

Nah it was the dumb niggas wit ‘em

When we gon learn to treat our people sacred?

In some type of way, kid, we all related

When we gon grow and get rid of the hatred?

But this shit happens on a regular basis

This shit happens on a regular basis

This type of shit happens every day kid

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cam'ron: "yo b, lemme get an EXTRA WATER" --


lil wayne: "daddy i want cookies"

baby aka birdman: "i took dat bwah ta c worl'!" --


kanye west & lil wayne (this another hit barry bonds):


lil wayne & birdman (make up sex):

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First you cut the stove up

450 degrees farienhiet

Mix the bakin soda wit the china white

Sugar delight, puruvian flake crack rock

Playa fill the pot up wit water, put the pot on the stove to make it hot

Then rock it up

Place the caviar in a jar full of boilin water, then shake it up

Thats how I rock it up

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You can find me on the corner with stones, quarters and zones

of dope and powder broke, and our sale's soap and flour

And most of our customers come up to us daily

Yet and still I cut this stuff crazy - a hustler, baby

What can I give you? I distribute ki's to the kings

and z's to the fiends, and ecstasy and weed to the teens

You need to see Wheez - anything you like and I have 'em

From crack to Viagra, and Vicadins valiums

I'm the nigga they point to when you hit my av

So get all your money together, come and get my slabs

I get my cash, put some aside, and flip like half

And still enough for me to TV and deep-dish my Nav'

And you can tell the law that I say they can kiss my acid

For the white people, when I get you bricks for ten, I know theright people

And I keep a nine on my waistline

And I'ma be right on the corner, wodie - I'm gonna grind





Nigga, y'all gon' respect Wheezy, or else the tec squeezin'shots

I have your chest steamin' hot, and your sis' screamin',"Stop!"

I hang out on the block, nigga, with rocks and weed

On the corner 'til the mornin', see the cops and flee

And if we beef, we don't beef long 'cause we gon' creep allnight

So I hope you don't sleep all night - we on your street allnight

Say, aw aw, I don't want your boy to get misused

'cause I spit tools, and put him tissues in his shoes

And the bricks move every followin' week

So if you need to get it, too, then holla at me - got powder ord

And I shower your streets until your av pass out

More bricks than the three of your pigs' last damn house

Stack crack and lay back, and just laugh at droughts

And issue work for half and just grab that south

For real, nigga - Wheezy Whee tryin' to shine

From daybreak to nightfall I'm gon' grind





I start from grams to ounces to quarters to halves to ki's

Take seconds to minutes to hours to days and to weeks

Gotta grind, work, hustle, struggle, and get it

Gotta buy, cook it, cut it, sell it, and flip it

And I flight everyday and night from the corner to the avenue

And I'll sleep next week, man, I got yay, dope, and crack tomove

Ask them dudes when Wheezy open shop, I ain't got a bag to lose

Especially if I don't like who sent 'em to me and I'ma tax adude

Duck the Feds and drama like I duck my baby momma

Sometimes I play it sour - what you thought was yay was flour

I pull whatever for the cheddar - nigga gotta flash and floss

Drought come around, then it's jack the cost or jack the boss

Cock the gun, then I push rocks 'til I spot the sun

All day I hung the block, I see the cops and run

I'm tryin' to get rich 'cause I wan' shine

You can find me on the block, nigga, all the time

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human crack. with rell in the background.

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