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For my marker, i used a deodorant stick bottle (rexona women's).


Remove all mechanisms inside, and replace the screw at the bottom with a plastic cork. It's airtight, but can be removed easily as well.


You guys know how every deo stick bottle has that protective cap to protect the deo stick on the inside? Yeah, clean it up, and then cut a rather big slot in it. Now fold up some felt, and stuff it into that slot. It should hold in place nicely. Put the nib section back into the bottle, and make sure that it is tight. If it is not, use some tape and tape around the protective cap, just so it fits nicely inside the bottle.


Test it out with some rubbing alcohol, and make changes as necessary.


To refill, I open up the bottom part (the removable plastic cork), and push the protective cap with the nib out of the top. Close the bottom again, refill, and then just put the protective cap with the nib back in.


What do ya'll think?

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yo crackuhas


anyone got one of those Ironlak 15mm paint markers? what the fuck is up with them? all the promo talks about how great the nibs are at flowing paint, no streaks etc but the nibs are fucked. it take ages for the paint to reach the nib from the marker. once it has, you can not get a straight line (even with a slow hand motion) when using the thing (so obviously any kind of tags are im possible) just like the typical molotow burner paint markers


has anyone else bought one of these? probs? also the thing came less than a third full, anyone else get that


any tips on how to clean/fix the nib cos the markers unusable now and im pretty pissed at wasting my money on it (first person to call me a toy for not making/racking my own marker gets their a foot in the teeth)

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Home » Ironlak Paint Markers | Helpful hints and tips.

Ironlak Paint Markers | Helpful hints and tips.


Ironlak’s range of Paint Markers and Refills are designed to bring out the artist in every writer. With a vibrant colour range created to spot match a selection of our most popular premium aerosol colours, it’s no wonder they’re getting snapped up quick!


Both the 3mm and 15mm Markers offer an interchangeable felt tip, made purposefully softer than similar products to help avoid streaking and create a smoother, more opaque flow. Each colour in the Ironlak Paint Marker range is also available in a 250ml Paint Marker Refill, so you can top-up, mix and match colours as you please.




In the interest of providing you with a better user experience, we’ve conducted a series of consistent and proactive tests to ensure you get the most from your new Ironlak Paint Markers. Here are some helpful hints and tips for you to consider:


TOPIC #1 – Felt tips.


The felt tip in the pen can sometimes become over-saturated with alcohol. (Alcohol is the base solvent for the paint formula inside the pen.)


The alcohol is used to break down the pigment in the paint, helping to obtain a smooth and consistent opaqueness. The saturation of the felt tip causes the pigment to be broken down too much and when used with a saturated nib, the paint loses its thick, consistent coverage and leaves the paint looking somewhat transparent when applied to a surface.


This over-saturation is caused during the shipping stage and is easily remedied in two quick, easy steps:


1. To ensure your marker works correctly, quickly check the felt nib BEFORE use. If the nib is wet (aka over-saturated with alcohol) all you need to do is remove the felt tip from the body of the marker and leave it to dry overnight. (Be sure to keep the lid on your marker while the nib dries as you don’t want the paint inside to dry out.)


2. Once the nib has dried out, insert it back into the marker, give it a shake and then pump the nib onto a piece of paper to start the flow of paint. The balance of the alcohol and pigment will be dispersed through the nib at the desired level, leaving you with the smooth, opaque line as intended. You should avoid storing markers upside down for extended periods.


**Extra hint: When one side of your 15mm marker’s felt tip becomes worn, simply remove the felt tip using gloves or a spare rag and rotate the tip 180º before inserting it back into the marker body. The previously unexposed side of the tip will now be exposed, giving you a clean edge to work with.




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Typical deco stash wit a couple On the runs, Sakura solid sticks and a jumbo solid on the side...


Junobo hasn't lived up to my expectations but good to have something for rough ass surfaces.. Sakura paint sticks are nice, write bright n smoothly on just about any surface and withstand most conditions..OTR Cold Sweat black bitumen hard-to-buff is my baby though... Nice thick and smooth and that shit stands up to its name nicely

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