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aight i hate to ask this but i gota. i already searched using that search function and looked through the early pages of this thread but missed the guide on how to refill pilot jumbos.

anyone remember where that thing is? dont be a prick and tell me to search, i already did...

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Twist? left or maybe right? if it doesnt work then wrap a rubber band around the neck and twist. it should add more grip. After drip drip your ink and then recap and your set.

There probably was a reason why you couldnt find it in the search...and its probably because what you just asjed is comon sence not rocket science.

just HAD to be an ass at the last minute

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yeah....sharpie poster painters are tight, but the particular one i carry right now is in the oil based bold pen. flows nice as hell,mad drips. sorry for the mix up.


Yeh I picked up an oil based white they're good for a sharpie marker

I "broke" mine in and it flows great... NO STREAKS.



:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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The oil based sharpies are really Uni's with sharpie paint in them, right? I got my hands on a red one the other day, the paint kind of came out as this pink/orange depending on how much you shook it. Kinda weird, but I've only been able to find a white Uni so i can't really compare it with the original...Seems weather proof enough, but its already been buffed pretty good in one spot, although its paint so its not really going to stain anyways...

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there are markers that kinda look like prismas, i think the are called PROMARKER

the cost the same if not a little cheaper,but i love them, the dont streak ever, even on cheap paper, witch is more than i can say for prismas. a girl i use to date used them for her fine art classes.

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