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Fuck I can't stand "SMOOTH-NUTS". He just posts bullshit to up his post count.


If its hard to explain without pics, post pics. I dont know what the fuck "rite gard gel deoderent" is nor did I know it "pushes the paint out".



maybe some of his other shit needed pics but, i know what rite guard is and i think he means the wheel on the bottom to push the deodorant out.

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Fuck I can't stand "SMOOTH-NUTS"...I dont know what the fuck "rite gard gel deoderent" is nor did I know it "pushes the paint out".


Just put the ignore on him.

Makes things so much better.


You can't put paint in a marker that you use a deodorant

stick to make. For several reasons.

1.You would have a use a nib, most likely eraser felt or a sock

It's what I did when I was kid.

Paint will not go through either. Sorry it just doesn't.

This type of "marsh marker" is for ink only people.


2.You wont be able to force the paint out of the stick by

twisting the bottom. This requires for the deodorant stick

to be air tight. If it's air tight, how can you twist the bottom?

You can't! Good answer. The paint would come out on your

hands where the twisting knob is.


3.SMOOTNUTS... I assume that you posted this incredible find.

Do you have any flicks of this working model marker??

Have you ever tried this out before?



There are plenty people on this board that were totally confused

about this stuff and patiently watched the board and asked good

questions and now have good input. Maybe you should try AOL

graff chat or something that will allow all of your misinformation

to flourish and make sense to other people that don't know what

they are talking about. People on this thread are seriously doing

things... and you are making false suggestions.


You put a fucking recipe up with BLEACH in it, in the ink thread.

Some idiot kid like yourself, could kill themselves with that shit.

FUCK OFF and go somewhere else.

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matter a fact i just ripped the nib on my krink and bought a kiwi mop and the nib fits perfectly.


but i took out the little green thing in the bottom of the kiwi nib like you would usually do if your making a mop, but when i took the krink one off it still had its little green thing. so i would try it first before you take the thing out of the bottom


Thanks AGOE1 and asdf_va!


I like the screw on cap that the Krink mop has, but those foam nibs get torn up and dry out too quickly. I've always wondered why the Krink mop has the green valve still in the nib. You can get better flow without it.

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^^good info.

I was wondering about those expensive ass streaks.

I'm a straight white, yellow, or black streak kinda person.

Once you break out the crazy colors, or even making multi-

colored streaks... I just lose interest.


But if you have a black light in your room next to your lizard

tank and your Frank Zappa poster... you could rock a good

streak with those guys and see a sweet day-glow effect!


Damn... now I want a Frank Zappa poster... and a black light!

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