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[ATTACH=full]177716[/ATTACH] I'm new here from right outside Knoxville looking for cats to paint with if possible

not possible. unless they toys like you. why all these new toys need someone to hold their hand? fucking go paint solo you fucking pussy, take your own advice, "do graffiti"...

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Dude. I've been painting solo in middlesboro Kentucky for years now man. I'm not a fucking toy but I'm not a king either everyone has room for improvement. I'm just trying to interact with other writers who are serious about the craft get off my nuts dude. I'm actually painting right now

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Hate on me if you want dude I'm still gonna do my thing get mad talk shit I don't care I don't see any spots you've hit. I also meant to say "does that look toy to you" go ahead post some flicks I hope they are better then mine just makes me want to mature my style more and more

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