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anybody from memphis in here? im coming thru soon and am lookin to meet up with some decent heads. hit me up in a pm.


---Yo nigga!...I was wondering where I could score some Crack Cocaine. While I'm at it, I'd like to buy a bucket of Heroin. I would also like to solicit sex with a nasty "Ho." Yo Dog, I'm fo reezy!


---Fa Sho, my nig. Meet Me at 201 Poplar!!!



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Come to Memphis. Park at the corner of Lauderdale and Trigg and just walk around. There's lots of "cool" stuff. Don't forget your camera! The more expensive the better.


or if your in nashville come to 40thave. or 38th.meet in skyview apartments and ill take you on a tour.bring some money though its not free.

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