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Yo what's up? So I'm just chilling at college right outside of LA, which may, or may not be know for its weed smoking. I was sitting on a decent amount of money due to a cool construction job this summer and a a little bit of graduation presents, but since I've been here for a month or two, I've smoked 2 1/2 zips, so I've been putting in work you know haha. There's no good way I know to bench here yet so I've been sitting in front of the computer high as a kite for several hours a day filling actual benching time now with virtual benching, and I got to dedicate this one to the man Catch 22 whose been doing a real solid job of coming through correctly weekly. I don't post often because I like to save all my flicks for trading packs so that its unseen, but heads like Catch 22 who put up shit regularly that is quality deserve it so its for them... So here's the last couple days before I left for school, I went to all of my regular spots and a few unique spots to check in before I left. They weren't incredible so this is kind of like a who's up post, so it's more of just all the heads who put in work from those days, but some guys who really deserve it just didn't get lucky these days and other did. I had to take a few flicks out because I'm working on a new magazine because that was alright but there was some shit that was bad. I'm starting to go into LA and walking the LA river basin and like benching the walls and shit i guess so I'll try and put those flicks up sometime too. So enjoy and as long as I've got a solo blunt and some flicks I'll just be chilling and try to post more haha.










































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