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Blaise Pascal

Style Thread (The all encompassing!!!!!!!!!!)

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Oi so the thread name may be a bit vague but let me explain...


After reading Pffft's awesome Brazil trip thread


and Abra's ill explication of PICHAÇÃO thread


I had the idea for a style thread...




-whether that means the regional style you were raised around or your hometown is best known for as it has evolved


-or styles you admire/ emulate/ are inspired by/ or staight up bite




-and most importantly your own personal style (why it is what it is) choice, evolution, and opinion


OR WHATEVER its up to you





me: classic NY style throws and straight letters and legible inside tags which were highly influential to me but in the last few years have gone to Blaise Pascal world.......?!?!?!?!





It is up to you...

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i thought it was a good idea..maybe the problem is most people of the people who have any style at all are out practising..not talking shit on 12oz.



my "style" i guess has a bit of msk/awr influence (who doesnt) with alot of brizzy in it. then i just try to create things that are my own style.

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my style is inspired with a cross between melbourne wildstyle and LA wildstyle (revok but mainly saber)

and so you know what im talking about


nothing like LA wildstyle but thats where i pull my inspiration from

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Thats the Key word....



So why these kids in the battle thread hating me for???

Answer; Because my style is influenced off the subway era.


Their escuse; I am being a dick and what ever hate they got towards me....

(jealous and intimidated like some toys should be when a real writer gets on board their fail boat....but in their fake world, they are right.)


I wonder who they are influenced off of....

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Chicago Southsiders recently.


Shock UC from Minneapolis I always really love his straight letters, and pieces for that matter.


Old school Chicago type handstyles, people from chicago would know, Poloe UAC, Sivel.


Gem AOM.


Pretty much people who hold down letters and don't gravitate towards trends.


Plus old school flicks, new school mags, bombing, NY throwups, everything that's nice and with spice.

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