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Yosemite National Park 2007


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This summer I went to Yosemite for 5 days with the wife.

It was fun we both needed it. It was our first vacation in in about 2 years due to school issues, housing issues, family issues, job vacation time issues, ISSUES in general.

Stayed in the valley but was able to drives to Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, Toualumne Meadows, Glacier Point, Mariposa Groves etc.


Here's a few pics.


The road was cool. The last half was no lanes. It was cool cause we probably only saw 15 cars or less on the over. This reservoir was ok'd and built after the San Francisco earthquake. San Francisco kept on trying to get it built and congress kept denying them the right to build a dam on National Park Service land until the pussy's bitched about putting out fires or something. Muir was pissed.



This was in the valley where thousands of people were staying so i'm surprised any deer would chill here.



This was on the Tioga Pass. It's only open late spring to early fall. It's the road you take to get to the Toualumne Meadows, High Sierra Camps, and well the High Sierra. A beautiful highway that rivals Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) in California.



Again the Tioga Pass. We were there late in the season after the waterfalls dry up so traffic was minimal.



Rocks and Trees (not those kind)



Another view from the road.



Olmsted Point, along the Tioga Pass. Named after Frederick Law Olmsted and his son who served as one of the first commisioners of Yosemite. That one rock in the middle of the horizon is the back of Half Dome. If I had a super Jap 4000 zoom you would be able to see the cables on the back and people climbing to the top. Thus I only had a 1MP 5 year old camera so all you can see is Japanese tourist in corner of pic.



Me and the wife at Olmsted Point with the ass of Half Dome by my ear. Representing with for all the natives. (see Maui thread)



Like the sign says, Tenaya Lake. It's a sub-alpine lake. The water was actually nice considering. The weather in the valley was 95-100 here it was in the 70-80's. It actually sprinkled a little. I woulda just kicked back here for the whole day if the drive to and from wasn't so long, dark, with added ess curves.



There were people at the lake but very few and only one person trying to take a kayak in there. Too windy. Haha suck for them. Best to just kick back and enjoy the somewhat people free lake.



You can't see them but some people were in the water with their dogs and little kids playing in the water with floaties.




My feet. Just chillin' after eating a sandwich on the beach. Some Euro tourists off in the distance. They went in the water no prob. I thought for sure homeboy would take it slow after he got to ball level. I was wrong.



Perveract status, Italian tourist laying on big ol' booty hiding it from view. Luckily the Italian manwolfbear was not in the pic.



This is Lembert Dome in Tuolumne Meadows. I could lie and say it was straight 90 degree vertical climb and the rangers warned us against continuing our trek, but there were kids there. Toddlers even. We wanted to go the top but it had sprinkled a few minutes before and storm clouds and lightening were in the distance so we decided against.



Previously mention storm clouds and view looking to the side.



My wife and the Silver Fox on Lembert Dome taking cutesy couple pics.



Wood in a crack.



Reppin' for the DPC/NightOwls. The Shocker!



This was on the way back from Tuolumne Meadows once again on the Tioga Pass. At a turnout. I'm surprised I never crashed admiring the beauty along this road.



Same turnout another view.


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This is where we stayed . The fuckin' tent sucked to put together. I was almost gonna put up the "truck tent" and take it down everytime we wanted to drive somewher just to avoid putting this fuckin' thing up once.



This is the actual site and my ride. It was cool except we were right next to the restrooms so we had dickheads walking 2 feet away from our tent at night instead of in between sites.



The view from the Glacier Point amphitheater. The Glacier Point road was sick at the end it looked like you were going to drive off the highway. It was even cooler since it was raining and I need new tires.



Oolong at the Glacier Point Information board.



Ooolong at Glacier Point looking at Half Dome son.


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a good friend of mine drowned at yosemite a couple years back. before he climbed down the waterfall into the water he sat and stared for a couple minutes and finally said "it's so beautiful here". he was tired from swimming and couldnt pull himself back out. mouth to mouth didnt work and couldnt get to a ranger in time.




i absolutely dont mean to bog this thread down with feelings. that he said that before he got in still haunts me though. rip M.



other than that, yosemite is an amazing place, i plan on going back in a couple years.

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last time i was there i went with my cousin and his friend.


we went to the main camping area with the crowd, we slept in one of those lodge cabin things.

There was this hot foreigner there and my cousins wanted to know what language she was speaking. I knew some french and i told him she was speakin french. I taught my cousin how to say hi and introduce himself.


When he sees her the next time he screams from the other side of the quad "BONJOURR!"




the kicker?



she was italian.

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