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Limewire CHAT

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:confused: Some host started chatting with me. . . .


  • Host: like drum& bass
    You: m what?
    Host: just asking cus you are doanloading from me drum & bass.
    You: I was on a thread and this member put a bunch of artists to check out
    You: so im downloading them to see if they are all right
    You: and yes, db is aight
    Host: oo kool
    Host: good choice,,
    Host: its a really good way to find music
    You: never chated on here before...... NEAT
    Host: well feel free to look around there is a lot of db,erotic loungue,reggaeton
    Host: yeah i guess is alright!
    You: look where? sorry a bit lost
    Host: here
    Host: you can see what i have in my drive!!!
    Host: thats what i think
    You: by direct connection?
    Host: people that download music from me i check what they have to see if is interesting!
    Host: well i guess so!
    Host: if i like something i download form them
    Host: still lost
    Host: ?
    You: it wont connect
    Host: really?
    Host: did you tried already ?
    You: it says cannot browse user
    Host: really wow
    Host: i just check and it says sharing 1200 or so songs
    Host: that bad
    Host: thats bad :(
    Host: let me see if i can change that
    You: Damn, you must have a ton of virusis on your comp then.
    Host is unavailable


He left when i asked him about the virusis:lol:


Like i said, ive never chatted with a host, no reason to. I was just looking up a couple of songs and such.

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ive never chatted with anyone over limewire

usually cuz i use it to DL pron and i think it would be kinda wierd

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meh its worked fine so far

i dont see a problem with it

i dont share any files with people

i just get it from them


what do you suggest as a better safer alternative?

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really? where did it say that?


i mean yeah i have itunes..... but i never saw that on the site



all you have to have is a winrar extractor, i think the music player you use really doesn't matter


you should consider it


it downloads really fast


you can use my account on it if you want

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it said it for everything i tried to download. i tried signing up for an account and it said it wants my cellphone number. im good man. thanks though. i just dont like itunes... or giving my phone number to the internet.

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