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King Of Hell

Another "how many of you have ever actually...." thread.

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Alot of the motherfuckers who saw the tom cruise movie didn't realize that this was the start of it. There was a book and a tv series and a bunch of shit about this throughout the years.

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tom cruise ruins everything.


Steven Speilburg pretty much ruins everything, too, with his mushy, happy family, happy ending stories. What I hated the most was how he sandwiched "Saving Private Ryan", an awesome film, with the stupid shit where the old man Ryan was in the graveyard with his grandkids and shit, totally unnecessary and it only fools the stupid majority crowd.


He has made a couple of good films, minus the bullshit happy endings. "Schindler's List", which was definitely a little over-the-top, was still good. I've been to Oskar Schindler's factory in Warsaw, it was incredible. More realistic, better films that are based on true stories that are better such as The Pianist. I've been to Auschwitz, too, and I think he really nailed it in the scene where the women were sent to Auschwitz by mistake. I felt so scared and deeply affected by that part of the film, and when I went there in person it was even worse, but Shindler's List does a great job of depicting that part.


"Duel" was a pretty decent thriller, definitely not on the family-friendly tip.



Goonies was great but there were some super-cheezy scenes in it. Raiders of the Lost Ark was good, but he collaborated with Lucas on that one. E.T. was manipulative crap and probably the most blatent use of product placement ever, except maybe the Fed-Ex shit in "Castaway".


He ruined "Minority Point" by casting Tom Cruise and especially for tacking on some ridiculous happy family ending, completely mangling of the original Philip K. Dick short story. Philip k. Dick didn't really believe in the happy ending and Minority Report just turned his story into some sci-fi action film with a sappy happy ending.


"Jaws" was decent, although Dreyfuss's character should have died at the end, realistically.

"A.I." was decent but far too sappy, but I bet it would had been far better if Stanley Kubrick had lived long enough to finish it.



"War of the Worlds" was decent except for one thing. He again tacked on an incredibly shithouse of an happy ending that made me sick to my stoamach ache. Andother butchering another Kubrick short storie.


Munich was actually a very great film, almost amazing, except for the happy shit ending, again.


I could go on and on. Basically, all his shitty family-friendly, everybody good lives ending that he tacks on, plus the films that exist to pull heart-strings in the most generic and audience-safe--because the audience is stupid--are really the worst. I will say this for him, he has amazing technical skill and knows HOW to frame/film/create a film better than nearly most people on the technical side of things. It's just his story-telling that sucks total ass most of the time.


Oh, and he also butchered "The Color Purple" and completely missed the ending of the book. The ending of "The Color Purple" was shit, especially when compared to the great novel. The movie is so over-rated.

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