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Poop Man Bob

Why I Love Dist

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Along the lines of what Devilush said .. there has been too much negaitvity on the board. So here's my attempt to lighten the mood. The following are the numerous reasons I love Dist. I will add more as I see fit. Please ... you too are invited to add the reasons you love Dist. Fun for the whole family indeed.


-He never washes his fucking clothes

-Boones Farm

-Right near the beach, boyiiiee

-Acting like an insane street kid to put up flyers

-He gives me his old Maxims and FHMs




-What what

-His room has no floor

-He manages to eat all the time but never has any food

-The finest China

-Being sober

-Talking while pooping

-My eggs kick his ass

-He needs to kick his boss's ass


-T-bird style

-Wu - either girl or group

-Throwing rocks at me

-Lampshade hats

-Fat guy









-New skateboards

-His shower gets a brownish film

-Porn stash under the sink

-16-year olds


-Those broke ass painting boots


-Getting our asses kicked

-I'm German too!

-Sig Ep wall and free paint


He's cool.

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Guest fr8lover

get your umbrella, its raining inside jokes!

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reasons i love poopmanbob


above all else he isn't like family he is family end of story....



-he doesn't hate on me for not washing my clothes or leaving shit all around the house..


-dj shadow car rides


-latenight robo sessions, or haloween train sessions..


-"would you rather be dumped over in a port-a-pottie filled with other peoples shit and piss or your own?"


-poopman at night time


-he has his shit on point, law school of choice..


-he has been there for me since we met, i cant even remeber one specific time worth mentioning because he its a daily thing almost...


-drunk with him for the first time


-he gives me pots to puke in..


-made me call "her"






-raiding his parents pantry when we live in an apartment of our own...


- came with me to my parents house so they could see i was ok after my hospital visit from me getting us beat up...


-coined the phrase "touch me where i pee" "making the mouth babies" and the ever popular "slort"


- his sock collection


- "i stick to my storiee.... lord have murcee"


-sports beer


-kimeya who introduced me to jen who raped my mouth who i havent spoken to since


-"shhhh listen LISTEN(faaaaarrrttt)"


-he paints with me..


-his family... not just lauren


- his girlfriend


-jason baber


-"eyyyyyeeeee waaaannnnntttt yyooouuurrrr sooouuuullllll"


-his obcession with terracotta


-stupid girls we have delt with...


damn dood i ended up thinking abotu you moving again.... sorry maybe ill post more later... your asleep and we cant talk you my nagga homeslice....

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Poop and Dist


1. let me draw on furniture

2. Awesome TIGI shampoo and conditioner

3. I saw poops internal organs and stomach lining!

4. brought my shit (with other wonderful people) to Juvie for me

and my fingers are freezing ..stupid library needs heting!

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Bump for:


-leaving 1 second on the microwave

-unscrewing the base of my towel hook

-oodles of stickers

-running from bums

-"Let the snake find it"

-introduction of my girlfriend


-ugliest man alive


-self haircuts


-"Hold on, let me masturbate"

-"Candy is dandy"

-Sabrina is my sister

-the patio is clean

-my butt is full of poop


Ohmygod this is the best thread ever. It will never die.

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nails to the dome...


i want my rail. one of my favorite stories.


we used to drink and talk over the computer (just so we werent drinking alone)


"did he ask you to join the i hate w*** crew? oh."

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werd is bondage




scared to death of blue rave flashlights


"yall runnin like some bitch ass niggas"




that guy sace from nyc is writing on our chair...




sabrina is however NOT my sister mmmmmm


final fantisy all i remember is it being aweosme thats all




remember that time jermey spooked us??


fuckin trips to austin and shit







FUCK BURNERS (aka grant)




"thats fine as long as i dont LOOK like an asshole"


"if by sex you mean my penis in her vagina than yes"


long ass messages at like 4 am on my answering machine


immm druunk


uhh how about that trip to austin i made with no money should i even list thouse ???


three letters!


brandon ford


sly slyer skitso

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Re: werd is bondage


sly slyer skitso


the fact that you suck at inside jokes is an inside joke...


sly, skitso, and sage... but, thats his legal name, ya herd?



shit dood, i never see your ass anymore.


-showing your new girlfriend drawings of my penis.

-asking you how much heroin i did the previous night

-seeing your head roll off your body

-sitting against the door hearing some random girl yell "i want you inside me you sunovabitch!"

-my mom hating you. me loving you.

-watching 8 hrs of porn in my dormroom

-drinking 40s at luby's

-jocking joker

-letting you hit me in the face a dozen times...

-rollerblading... wait, no thats you. ha, fag.

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-Luby's in general

-the tennis ball bum at Robo

-abercrombie model looking writers from down under

-weah's dog

-cool Houston beef

-frontflips at beach

-hold on, I have to poop

-ok, I'm back now

-girls that lotionize

-poop stains


-throwing ice at you when you're passed out in the street in front of the apartment

-1 trip grocery bag hauling





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Originally posted by fr8lover

get your umbrella, its raining inside jokes!


Blood & Guts:



-you buying?


-how's your neck buddy?

-you buying?

-empty bottles like soldiers

-youre gonna fuck her, dont talk to me

-you know where I wanna be right now??

-make me some foooood

-bring me cream cheese (a week straight)

-look at the fucking bagels!

-VHS porn not DVD!

-gimme some paint

-gimme some caps

-gimme a marker

-you wanna smoke MY pot?

-friend swapping?

-Boner! Hey Boner!

-did one of you guys shit your pants?

-this guy says he hates country music

-there might be a mike in the car, just shut up.

-I wonder what it means... I dont know but it's fucking disgusting


-good bye

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damn lazy, shut the fuck up. this is about how much we love dist. (bringing the negativity)...


but, seriously, if you fuck that girl, i am not going to talk to you. oh, and like the rest of the city, HOW DID YOU MAKE THAT FUCKING MARKER!?


and, you ate my airhead... you owe me chinese food.


distrodomis, making promises like naustrodamus.

i love bathingSUITES...

walking a mile down a lay-up, seeing one worker and turning around (even though we didnt have any paint or markers on us)

brandon ford with rave sticks?

w*** face

i'm done

hyperdermic needles

painting in 3 inches of slime water

stile project junkies...

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i love my friends


this ones a mix


-like sam the butcher bringin alice the meat...


-this ones for pfe


-dont stomp it with your boots ted


-"would it be a bad idea to do a fill for a piece totally filled in with hello stickers??"


-"yea but i burned color"


-road trips and living off beef jerky and gatoraide with like 10 bucks and change to last for the weekend...


-look im emo


-look im punk rock


-look im gay


-all chinese people have computers...


-master shreddar


-mr meigaie




- darts tim comeon DARTS..


-"thats a fuckin siick tagggg"


-"what am i doing my brother doesn't even talk like that"


-we need more distrodomis up in here

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hell yeah arbys, and taco bell, and getting rolled up on at 5pm doing a legal for a company... thats how we roll, word?


whats that skully? i'm done.

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Originally posted by blood & guts

is it true that there will be a new 2002 version of dist!?!?


that is even MORE lovable! oh, please!


Well ... the 1979 version can't really be improved upon, so I'm not sure about what you've heard.








Wait. I just got off of the phone with the manufacturers, and the only improvement they are adding is a clothes-washing ability. It should be sweet.

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