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Black snake moan, sort of

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BIG CREEK, W.Va. - Inside a shed on a remote hillside of this coalfield community, authorities say a young black woman was tortured for days, sexually assaulted, beaten and forced to eat rat droppings. Her captors, all of them white, choked her with a cable cord and stabbed her in the leg while calling her a racial slur, poured hot water over her and made her drink from a toilet, according to criminal complaints. It wasn't until an anonymous tip led Logan County Sheriff's deputies to the property on Saturday that her ordeal ended and she was able to limp to safety, arms outstretched as she cried, "Help me!" "I don't understand such a horrific crime being committed here," said Johnny Meade, pastor of the community's Apostolic Church of God in the Name of Christ Jesus. The FBI is now looking into possible civil rights violations, agency spokesman Bill Crowley said, authorities in West Virginia said they were investigating the case as a possible hate crime. At one point, an assailant cut the woman's ankle with a knife and used the N-word in telling her she was victimized because she is black, authorities said. They said the young was also forced to eat dog feces.

Investigators are still trying to determine how the woman ended up at the property and whether she knew any of the six people arrested or two others, suspected of driving her to the home, who are being sought, said Logan County Chief Sheriff's Deputy V.K. Dingess.

Police tape now surrounds the entrances to the beige-and-brown mobile home where Megan Williams, 20, was found. An extension cord runs from the home to the cramped shed, which authorities say she was held in with a portable stereo, a locker and a power saw.

The Associated Press generally does not identify suspected victims of sexual assault, but Williams and her mother agreed to release her name. Carmen Williams said she wanted people to know what her daughter endured. "I don't understand a human being doing another human being the way they did my daughter," Carmen Williams said Tuesday from her daughter's hospital room. "I didn't know there were people like that out here."

The suspects in the case have previous arrest records going back several years, according to records from Logan County Magistrate Court. Logan County Prosecutor Brian Abraham said, "I have some familiarity with all those individuals." Since 1991, police have filed 108 criminal charges against the six. Frankie Brewster, 49, faced the most serious charges among them. Karen Burton, 46, of Chapmanville had the most charges in all, with 33; and her daughter, Alisha Burton, 23, had 20. Brewster, who owns the Big Creek mobile home, was charged in 1994 with first-degree murder, but pleaded guilty to lesser charges of manslaughter and wanton endangerment. She was released from prison in 2000 after serving five years in the death of 84-year-old Polly T. Ferrell, court records show.

In the Williams case, Brewster was charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding and giving false information during a felony investigation. Brewster's son, Bobby R. Brewster, 24, also of Big Creek, was charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding and assault during the commission of a felony. Danny J. Combs, 20, of Harts, was charged with sexual assault and malicious wounding. Karen Burton was charged with malicious wounding, battery and assault during the commission of a felony. Alisha Burton and George A. Messer, 27, of Chapmanville, were charged with assault during the commission of a felony and battery. In May, Alisha Burton was accused of striking Messer with a shovel and smashing the window of a woman's car. The charges are pending.


All six remained in custody Wednesday in lieu of $100,000 bail each. Public Defender Dwyane Adkins, appointed to represent Bobby Brewster, declined to comment on the case. The other defendants' court-appointed lawyers were either in hearings or did not immediately return telephone calls Wednesday. The home at Big Creek is quiet now. Newborn pups sleep in the entryway to the small shed, their mother protectively barking at approaching strangers. Megan Williams, her right arm in a cast, may be well enough to leave the hospital within a few days, her mother said. "I just want my daughter to be well and recover," Carmen Williams said. "I know the Lord can do anything."




I really do not know why none of those people were not already in jail. 108 charges since 1991, i would have thought at least one of them would be doing time. I wonder why they assulted her.

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cause it was a black victum, has to be


if i accidently made a black man stumb his toe by stoping short on the side walk

i'd get 6 months in rikers and 3 months probation for a hate crime.

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Ashtray: We didn't even do nothing.


Officer Self Hatred: What? You think you tough?


[pulls gun on Ashtray]


Officer Self Hatred: You ain't so tough now, little nigga. I hate your black bastards, you *stink*! I hate your black skin. I hate your black pants. I hate black pepper. I hate black keys on a piano. I hate my gums, because they're black. I hate Whoopi Goldberg's *lips*. I hate the back of Forrest Whittaker's neck. Huh? Most of all, I hate that black-ass Wesley Snipes.

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I dont get hassled by the cops I just start talking to them about the newsletter we get in the mail every month...

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"We were arrested for being black on a Friday night.."




On a serious note.. I really don't understand how a person could do things like this to another human being. Just the thought makes me sick, and the fact that people are capable of acts like this makes my skin crawl

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Before enduring the horrific blows that ended his life, 6-year-old Oscar Jimenez Jr. received regular beatings from his mother's boyfriend, some so brutal that they caused the boy to vomit and left him swollen and bruised, according to the attorney who first interviewed Oscar's mother about the missing boy's death.


Those details emerged Tuesday as Deputy Public Defender Lindy Hayes recalled how the boy's mother, Kathryn Jimenez, unexpectedly revealed after seven months of silence that her boyfriend allegedly beat Oscar to death and forced her to help bury him in Arizona. Jimenez's uncontrollable wails, while telling her story, were so jarring that a prosecutor ran from the courtroom in tears.


"It was the sound of a woman in agony who has seen her child die a terrible death, the agony of someone who never was allowed to grieve," Hayes told the Mercury News on Tuesday. "She totally blames herself."


San Jose police announced this week the arrest of Jimenez's boyfriend, Samuel Corona, 34, who is being held in a Phoenix jail awaiting extradition to face murder charges in Santa Clara County.


Jimenez said Oscar's face had become puffy and misshapen because of the pummelings. And she said her boyfriend often forced Oscar to eat his own vomit as he beat him, according to Hayes.


Jimenez told Hayes the punishments were gruesome, with Corona using his fists and feet. Blood often splattered everywhere. Corona also repeatedly beat and terrorized her.


Jimenez said that Corona "liked the sight of blood, that the blood got him going."


Young Oscar's telltale bruises and bumps very likely caused Jimenez to withdraw the boy from his first grade class at Carson Elementary School in early January, according to authorities.


On Feb. 18, after Oscar allegedly threatened to harm Corona's 1-year-old son, Corona told Jimenez, "say goodbye to your son," then proceeded to punch, kick and stomp him to death as the traumatized mother watched.


"The whole time he told her he would kill her if she got in the way," Hayes said. "She was forced to watch or he would kill her."


Corona also threatened to kill other members of her family, Hayes added. "She was paralyzed by fear of him. He told her, `Wherever you go, I'll find you. You'll never get away.' "


Corona has a long criminal history in Arizona dating back to at least 1992, including assault charges, robberies and minor traffic violations, according to court records. At least one of the robbery charges resulted in a felony conviction.


After the killing, Jimenez told Hayes that she and Corona wrapped the boy in a sleeping bag and drove to Phoenix where Corona forced Jimenez to dig a grave in the courtyard of an

Online Extras


* Interactive Map

* 2006 and 2007 San Jose homicides

* Blog

* Crime blog: Keeping tabs on local incidents


abandoned apartment house. There they buried the child's body and covered it with soil. Two weeks later, Corona covered the secret grave with quick-dry cement.


Corona was arrested Sunday in Arizona in connection with the boy's death. An extradition hearing to bring him back to San Jose is scheduled for Thursday. Jimenez is in custody in San Jose on parental abduction charges, for which she could receive a three-year prison sentence if convicted. The district attorney's office is exploring whether to add a charge of accessory to murder.


Jimenez spun a web of lies over the boy's disappearance that she told Oscar's father, Oscar Jimenez Sr., who had been trying to track down the boy, and her own relatives and authorities. She apparently never reported the abuse.


But authorities said since her confession to Hayes, she has so far proved to be credible and they had no reason to doubt she was telling the truth about the abuse.


"The only ones who knew were Corona and Jimenez. And they weren't telling anyone," said Santa Clara County Assistant District Attorney David Tomkins.


Authorities had no indication of anything amiss, Tomkins said, until March 15 when Oscar Jimenez Sr. reported his missing son to the child abduction unit.


By the time Jimenez encountered Hayes in her first court appearance at San Jose's Hall of Justice Aug. 31, she was so wracked with guilt over her son's death that she was ready to spill what she had been concealing for nearly seven months.


"I knew there was a secret, a terrible secret inside her," Hayes said.


Jimenez told Hayes she was afraid to talk in front of everyone in the courtroom, so the judge cleared the chambers. The story came out in fits and starts. Shaking all over, Jimenez began weeping, then gasping for breath, then wailing, Hayes said.


"I asked her if Oscar was OK and she said no. Then I asked her if he was alive. She shook her head no, then gave a low howl like a wolf that's been wounded."


Hayes said Jimenez's arms were deeply scratched and clawed from her wrists all the way up her arms, wounds she had inflicted on herself in jail in an apparent attempt to take her own life. She also is missing a front tooth, the alleged result of one of Corona's beatings.


Hayes said the mother had another, more pressing reason why she wanted to get her secret off her chest.


"She said she told us what happened because she wanted to go find her son and give him a proper burial."

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cause it was a black victum, has to be


if i accidently made a black man stumb his toe by stoping short on the side walk

i'd get 6 months in rikers and 3 months probation for a hate crime.









carbombs is white?

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Karen Burton, 46, of Chapmanville had the most charges in all, with 33; and her daughter, Alisha Burton, 23, had 20.



This 23 year old had 20 priors? DAMN...


Here are their pics:













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Even black cops hate niggers.


I can co-sign on this working as an EMT in Cleveland . I found it amusing if not sad .

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