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The Vent Thread


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I want to vent on some shit, so here is a thread for everyone to vent about whatever they want too.






Vent on: I drive 2 hours round trip to and from work everyday and the most selfish retarded drivers out there are black females and old redneck guys. Everytime I see someone doing something totally retarded with their cars it is someone from those groups. First they need to learn to fucking drive, second they need to learn to have more concern about the people around them, and third they need to really get the fuck out of my way. I do not drive fast, but I also do not do 45 of the fucking highway. Maybe if the black ladies could get the fuck off their cell phones, they would realize that they are holding traffic the fuck up and if the old rednecks can stop driving like they have all fucking day to get someplace, they can realize that they are not the only motherfuckers on the road.Vent off

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