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Tug Boat

Final Cut Pro Help

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So I've been using Final Cut Pro for a little while and right now I'm editing some footage for a graffiti video.


There are a few clips that I want to use but the person's face is partially visible.


Basically, does anyone know how to blur faces out using this program? I don't have Adobe AfterEffects so this is what I'm working with.



Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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it's been a while since i've worked with final cut, and i'm not sure if you can key frame with it. have you looked in your tools menu? there are some blur features, and other affects you can play with --but i don't know if you can focus in on a certain area of the frame. my best advice (which isn't much) is to play with those affects. if not, do cut aways. i don't know how much you know about editing, but look through your footage, and grab something that is like b-roll. do you have any close ups of cans spraying, cans on the ground, shots of other people painting (no faces)? basically, just cut that shit in without audio, and allow your main audio to continue over it. does this make sense? if not --feel free to PM me. you can also use photos if you have any from the shoot to cut away with.


just don't do any page or star wipes.


good luck.

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