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in the army there is "smoking exercise" (physical punishment...) called the kimchee squat. you sit in the "taking a shit position" for a very extended period of time. arms crossed on your knees. last week i had a nice 12 minute session. its not bad til about 5 minutes, pretty much just hard on your thighs...

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i knew a black dude from texas that would eat kimchee. he said that you should eat kimchee if your farts smell bad, because the kimchee cleans your colon out. i don't know how much truth there is to that..



i've never eaten kimchee just based on the look and the smell. something about rotten-smelling cabbage in some kind of juice in a pickle jar is not appealing to me.

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i wasnt talking to you in particular but seriously kimchi is good.

i could understand not making it a part of your everyday meal.

but everyone should atleast give it a try.


natto is fermented soy beans. when i first had it i thought ok this is gross the consistency is like snot

then i had it on another occassion. gross but tolerable. then i had it at a friends house and ive

loved it ever since. i wouldnt force people to eat shit they dont like but you have to be open enough

to try things. the palette can be reprogrammed.

i thought tea without sugar was gross now i think tea with sugar is nasty.

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^^^it's soju.

i live in seoul and i cant go one meal without some kimchi now.

i hated that shit at first, but after having some meals with koreans and not wanting to offend them you start to get a taste for it. i love the stuff now. i'ma take a class and learn how to make that shit in my backyard when i get home to the states.


bibimbop is also bangin.

fuck, all korean food except for the dogmeat soup is bangin.

they eat dogs here. it's sick.

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