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damn havent been here in forever...

well since i finally got a computer and internet again

i figured id share what ive been doing with my oontz niggas...


Every Single Day feat. Ricky-T

Model feat. Sean Rich

Rhymes For Days feat. Ricky-T


i should be done with my mixtape within a month and a half or so

i still got alot of work to do before releasing the mixtape in its entirety

since im finally getting my shit back together i can start putting things in motion finally..

and i should also have a video up soon for the rhymes for days song..

hope everyone else out there is still creating music..

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So, this did actually take off for me and it's a blessing.  Now I make legit beats and such for fun vs photoshop.


I pretty much make beats as time goes by, with no agenda.  What ever happens, happens.


Here is a Remix I did from a SNES game, some of you might now....




Lofi Stuff....



Hardstyle, my Passion....



and much more.


If Moogle is still around, bro, Im now on ....



*Ableton Launch Pad

*Native Instruments Massive


*Nexus 2.


*Other Synth Makers.

I'll stop by here and there, posting progress and samples. I am also here for those seeking knowledge, exchanges, projects, help, and inspiration.




Edited by T4M*
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On 2/13/2008 at 11:10 PM, earl broclo ESQ said:

i didn't want to start a thread for this, so i figured this would be a good place to ask. my girlfriend just bought me a numark TTUSB turntable for my birthday.




So i'm curious if anyone knows anything about this? i don't want to keep it, just so i can MP3 my records, so i'm trying to figure out other things i can do with it. what i'm curious about, is if there is any software that is simple, that i could pull the MP3's into and mix, cut up, loop, etc. i seriously don't do shit with computers, i've been strictly analog since i bought my first records. she's told me that if i want to return it and use the money for records, i can. so if i'm not really going to use this thing --i'd probably be better off with that.


so if anyone has any advice, let me know.

Honestly , theres nothing specific about the mp3 functionality or usb hookup that can help you do this, the usb is essentially being used as a digitally processed balanced line in, and the software is just a chopping system that detects track gap dead spots. Its a pretty great turntable for doing what its designed to do, maybe one of the best since it wont chew up your records, but most of the functionality it seems you dont care about. The main benefit for you, is you can record samples into your DAW of choice with no preamp and limited line level noise. Other than that, its just an upper mid tier table with less features than a standard variant. 

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Nice work. Are you a sampler? Or Producer/Beatmaker?


I like the 808 type beats you got, wish a couple of them had the lengthy 808 kick, like "POLYMER" , feelin the vibe. So used to these turning out to be Trap, your creativity is noted.

Edited by T4M*

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Forgot to post this one here.  It's missing some sort of critter noise in the background in some spots.



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My latest Harstyle joint. Really love the upgraded sound I came up with towards the kicks....


I need to test it in my car.

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That last one you just posted reminds me of a locomotive pulling up a hill and beeping the horn.


Could you talk about your setup, what equipment you have, what software you use?  @T4M*

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DAW  (Digital Audio Workstation)





Personal Preference:

I love the setup when it comes to arranging sounds and manipulating them



Pretty powerful, even with live shows.  It has the ability to run other DAWs as well (I have a Fruity Loops Plug-In when I collab with those people)




Synthesizer (Making Sounds)





Native Instruments Massive. Has 3 Signals to influence the sound you are going after.  I LOVE MASSIVE. Game changer for me.  This can pretty much make any sound you are looking for. Plus, has many ways to manipulate the sounds.

Easy to share sounds (Keypoint) between producers and comes with mastering tools.





Omhisphere 2.  This adds color, texture, background noise, hidden tones, and sounds that can fuck up your brain (pretty intense sounds).  I also has "sharp" sounds if you are looking for a pre-made synth.  THIS YOU CANNOT make a sound from scratch, it has presets (all presets have setting to change the sound you picked. Very rare to use this as a Main synth for me, hard to control the sounds.






SYNTHS with Presets only: Bounce, Exotic, Hybrid, Loris, MPG, Nexus 2, PM$, Splash, Transillient.

MASTERING TOOLS: WaveShell 9.0 (Live shows plug-ins, microphone adjustments, compressors, etc.

DISTORTIONS: Camelphat, Ohmicide (my bitch)







I don't use them for live shows, just use them for inspiration.


AKAI - Drum pad

Reloop - Initiate sounds on the fly

Launchpad - "Piano", sound cues, light show, control Ableton Live Setup.















In storage, Pics after winter.



Edited by T4M*
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Sega Retro Remix


◼ I use Sega elements and create different sounds throughout the song.


◼ I start retro, than psy trance, than end it with hard trance.  140BPM - slightly mastered


◼Pretty much where my knowledge of music and production sits at the moment.  I'm still studying sound engineering, and frequency outputs.  Sound sounding more clear, still too muddy.

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Posted (edited)

The types of beats I make to Call of Duty. ( A work in progress maybe)




Work Time: 7hrs








Edited by T4M*

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