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Yea. I mostly use it to organize the arrangements and use ableton to create the synths. I downloaded that midi machine You posted and it was pretty cool. For some reason it runs slow on my comp and it shouldnt.


Type in just about any song title as long as its not super obscure into google with a .mid after it and wa lah.

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DAW  (Digital Audio Workstation)       Personal Preference: I love the setup when it comes to arranging sounds and manipulating them   Performance: Prett

So, this did actually take off for me and it's a blessing.  Now I make legit beats and such for fun vs photoshop.   I pretty much make beats as time goes by, with no agenda.  What ever happe

Honestly , theres nothing specific about the mp3 functionality or usb hookup that can help you do this, the usb is essentially being used as a digitally processed balanced line in, and the software is

Posted Images



So i tried your method and found this....




Yes, the songs are limited on google, not all of them are creaded into a .mid file. Im using this program to change a song to a .mid file....




I had this program for a looooong time and never did pay attention to it. After seeing that midi machine, right away i thought about that program and converted some of the songs. Then I realized that its creating .mid files that "should" work with other programs as well.


Surely enough it does.


Im still messing with it. You can limit what tones it captures and such.

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Just finished this up in Ableton today. I played all the instruments on it (guitars, drum programming, bass through a real analog synth) and added some effects like beat repeat, the flanged lead guitar is actually going through ableton's "vocoder", and the rhythm guitar is played backwards and then reversed in Live. Let me know what you think of it.



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does anybody know of a good program that does guitar effects live? My sound card has a LINE IN, so i can plug in any instrument through the mixer.


Im having issues with ableton and the line in tho.....




When i start playing, lets say a piano note, the note is "off" when i strike the key. if i active the line in through the regular windows application so i can hear it, its dead on accurate.


On Ableton, its off. I messed with the settings and still cant get it to work. Anybody have the same issue?





what is your soundcard make?


oh and ni guitarrig 3-4 is decent..as well as amplitube . i know theres torrents floating around for hacked usb and live versions. only downside is the amount of work it takes to make it sound decent with distortion settings

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Ever since i went to cali, i came back booked with shows, been busy ever since.


I need to catch up a little on this thread. Right now im working on a video on this new gadget that a friend gave me....




I need to give out my opinion on it, pros and cons. For the most part, its okay, nothing fancy about it. Nice little toy for beginners.

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*Small and compact


*Straight Forward


*Beat Matching is simpler using SYNC button


*Has its own SoundCard (Able to convert computer as a channel)


*Built In Mixer (Handles inputs and outputs)


*Converts Computer sound from a headphone line out to RCAs and 1/4 inch outputs


*Uses USB2.0 to power up and sync with computer.


*Simple to use with Virtual DJ 5 Basic






*Knobs are not precise (unable to do fast cuts, doesn't catch every cut)


*The drivers and Program that comes with the console are obsolete if using Virtual DJ Pro. You have to

install the latest Drivers


*Virtual DJ 5 Sucks


*When programing DJ Buttons, you have to program the settings each time you open Virtual DJ


*Not every button lights up.


*The Scratch Effects sucks. The Pitch + - Scroll is more useful (Wheels)





I give it a 7/10. Its main purpose is for Mixing live. Using this makes mixing alot easier. Depending on what Virtual DJ you have, you can get a little creative with the DJ Buttons and add effects, samples, brakes, cues, loops, etc.


People wanting to get a grip on how to DJ Live and Mix Live, This Console is the way to go.

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Team Teamwork



I bet moogle would like this.


These people take nintendo songs and remake them, then remix them with lyrics. They are nice enough to share their creations under their description.


Im feeling the beats, wish they just had the beats tho, with no lyrics.


Another dope song from them.....


Their Page with downloads....


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midi beat generator thingy


//caution coffee ramble// scroll past if youve never been able to understand what the fuck im talkinbout ever///




took some time off to get acquainted with my d.a.w sound placement wise.

the years all my shit has been bass heavy and influenced more by miami bass,darkstep dnb ,jazz, and idm,breakcore , and everything wah-lfo before i even knew what the fuck dubstep was.


prolly beating a dead horse but most of my ish now i like but its surrounded by an ocean of *step and *chip

really thinking about going back to this type of stuff i was doing in 04.. and lay the fuck of the delay vst's for a minute



my sound and instrument set circa that time was



invader ..seriously still one of the best wobbling and sub free synths ive used ever



mostly cyberworm and dirk's stuff... and i used the shit out of some of dave akumas breaks



this and most of there other stuff



pretty much all of these ...what strange is these soundfonts arent really used by people but are emulated so much nowadays






i'll add more of shit i use and have used over the years over time


edit* http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=7639173 what would be this classified as?

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i just use FL9 on my laptop.. use audacity to pull samples.. recently copped an akai mpk midi but i dont really even use it that much


Ok, I have audacity but I dont know how to pull the vocals from the beat, I looked on youtube and all the videos were BS...how do you do it?

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