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Official toy battle thread

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OPTIK********** I'll be the first one to say that you got skill's, I've really enjoyed your stuff, and have given you prop's before...... BUT do you know how stupid you look flexin on these kid's............ Even though internet prop's are worth a pile of flaming YAK SHIT, you lost major respect from me. You yap ya mouth claiming to have been schooled in the style wars/ subway art era. BUT, you cant let the youngun's be? let them get their game up without being in the way of you "veteran dood's" in the reg. battle thread. ACTUALLY, acting like you are, going after the easy target's, maby you DO belong in here. go battle someone who challenges yourself to do better, isnt that what the real benefit of sketchin' and battlin' is, to better yourself..........

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everyone is getting way to into this shit

the dudes enterin the toy battle, he's gonna beast over everyone, he's obviously just fuckin around havin some fun. You really think he's gonna sit there after he wins all gassed up cuz he burned a shitload of toys? Let the man motherfuckin be.


ya'll need k-pins or somthin

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NO........ HE's A BULLY, tryin to "beast" on cat's who are not even in his weight class.......

IT's like if tyson (IN HIS PRIME) wanted to "fuck around and have some fun" and beat up a retarded kid!!!!!! it's GAY..... go "beast" on NEWKON, or KOH, or HEAVY........ diddnt think so because you'd be outmatched by a mile, so keep doing you, and we'll do us........


********I got a challenge for you, how about a simple, no color, pen only, 1 ON 1BATTLE...YOU and I... you can pick the WORD, so you dont cry setup. Let me know.... I'm calling you out personally OPTIK.

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hahahahahahaha lol optik in the battle thread, not the first time this shit happens,...

Mr dedication call him out if ya want but tht wont do u any good..

Dude optik can join in the simple battle going on right now..hell do a great slick, tht i wont even bother polling ...

good luck optik :)

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I'm not dillusional.........

I know he's got his craft locked but whatever........Dont judge my stuff before you've seen it..... and I'll battle him elsewhere if need be. I want a 1 on 1 pen only simple vs OPTIK the rule's are diff. from the slick battle, pen turns up the heat on dood's. So, even if I'm wasting my time, I just want to see a fresh outline, with no color, and no eraser mark's. If he's even up to it? ******* And you've got me all wrong I'm not trying to pick a fight, it's competitive spirit seeping into my better judgement, thats all. As I said before I'm a FAN of OPTIK's work...... I was drunk typing last night, or I wouldve never even interceded in the matter.... but that said I still stand by my opinion. and KRUSTIFY, I'm the one who need's the luck dog.... PEACE

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