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My oldhead MB from Philly has been in touch with the Rustolium company explaining to them what a mistake it was to switch the caps and stems and why. citing that as a "professional artist and muralist" he can nolonger use their product because of not being able to switch caps and how it's going to seriously hurt their buisiness when everybody in the "art" world who uses spraypaint switches to other brands yada yada and all that.

So anyways, this is the message that was left on his phone today:






Hi, this is Rick from Rustoleum product support. In responce to your comments about the "spray anyway" valve and the way in which your tips do not switch out for them, we've had other comments in regard to this problem. We are changing the spray anyway valve so that they will fit your tips just like our products used to before the switch. This will be a rolling change as we make more product. We will not be scrapping the product that currently have the female tips, but we will be replacing them and we will not be creating any more of those. Hopefully by the end of the year all of the products that currently have the male valve and female tips will be switched out back to the way they were before where you can switch out the tips. If you have any more questions give me a call.















































































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Re: Everybody that hates those fucked up new caps on the Painters Touch check this ou


ive never used rusto with the female tips but japanese paint has only female tips

and you can get a different style tag out of them.

they also come with fan tips which i find annoying.

they have fat cap, medium, and thins though they're not that much difference in any of them

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Re: Everybody that hates those fucked up new caps on the Painters Touch check this ou


i never really minded the fem caps. what is your problem with them?



For those of us that actually bomb, it's nice to be able to replace the stock cap with a fat cap.

Not just for faster, cleaner fill ins, but for fat ass tags.


And I'm sure the piecers wouldn't mind being able to use thin caps.


Welcome to Graffiti 101. :rolleyes:

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