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San Diego EastSide

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Yo Its mad hot right now I'm not saying stop wrighting...but keep it low on the east

this news story is blowing up the hood....



A San Diego neighborhood is fighting back against graffiti. With help from police, they're documenting known taggers in order to have them prosecuted.


They take pictures of the graffiti or they tell Detective John Harberth where the markings are located. Harberth has developed a database of the grafitti which he has used to arrest problem taggers.


"We can go back and create case numbers for every place that's he's tagged and eventually if we identify who that is, you follow up and charge him with each individual case," explains Det. Harberth of the SDPD Grafitti Strike Force.


If you see a tagger actually hitting your neighborhood, Detective Harberth says you can call 911 and report a crime in progress.


But don't confront the tagger. Earlier this month a woman tried to stop a tagger in L.A. County and was shot and killed.



I doubt a writer killed anybody but...

the media will portray it as they must....


lay low for reals...



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