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marshall tucker

College Football 2007

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Seeing as an NFL thread was just started, I'd like to hear people's preseason opinions on the most intense, climactic, debated, and greatest season of sport in America that hasn't been completely ruined by nigger jive and showboating antics - College Football.


Post your preseason top ten and any other predictions for this years greatest sport.


1. LSU - Still have a solid shot of reaching the national championship, their replacement for Jamarcus Russell is more experienced than most think, solid defense


2. USC - Though the rest of the Pac-10 is a joke in my opinion, USC is the truth, I still don't consider Cal, Nebraska, or Notre Dame difficult opponents this year. Despite ESPN's hype to reach their west coast markets, I think this conference's top 25 hopefuls will crash and burn like always, with the exception of UCLA possibly


3. Michigan - Key players returning, i think they'll beat Wisconsin again


4. Florida - They earned it, never truly got the credit they deserved


5. Arkansas - I'm baffled as to why they have gotten little credit as a team for what they did last year, I think they could beat USC this time if they were to open the season again with them, they have an easy out of conference schedule this year


6. Wisconsin - they had an easy schedule last year but i think they are very good, they will lose one game, again, to Michigan


7. Rutgers - My dad has followed Rutgers and all of the misery that comes along with this team for as long as I can remember, He tapes every game, I've watched most of them with him and this team is no joke, they have some serious talent that ESPN rarely gives credit to, they have heart too, they will beat West VA this year


8. Virginia Tech - Always over rated, almost always, but this year I think they have a real shot if they don't choke, there is no team in the ACC better than this one


9. West VA - This team recieves a lot of hype as much as their fans will argue that, they will beat Louisville, but lose 2 other games despite an easy out of conference schedule, The Big East is legit, more so than the Big 12 and Pac 10


10. Auburn? maybe Georgia? maybe Louisville? maybe Oklahoma?


I know how many of you would disagree with this, discuss

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LSU all day cuz!


And my other hometeam the Crimson Tide!


Saban's bringin them boys somewhere dope,look what he did for LSU.

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I think Michigan should go undefeated this season, but they'll never be Championship caliber under Lloyd Carr. If they squeak into a National Championship game, they'll get spanked as usual.


Hopefully this will be Lloyd's last season, and then get a coach with balls to grab the reigns.



Until then, GO BLUE!

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^I agree. But I think if Lloyd beats Ohio State this year he'll stay on. I'll be going to all the home games, they better beat OSU.

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and yeah, about that auburn thing...eh....

mixed views. ever since bowden left it hasn't been the same.

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wow, you guys are the pussiest, trendiest, hippest fags on the planet. wake up, remember why you love graffiti and why its about you, be yourself and get ready for the best fucking season of american sport starting tomorrow

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