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the dude bfor dhs.yo man listen you and i both know you bit this idea.

my brother enoe i2i just did a piece like this last month,in philly..and its been on a bunch of sites and got some expousure,not as much as i think it deserves but it got some play.now heres my point you jock.i never in my life saw a dust or fight cloud piece.EVER.i been writing for almost 14 years.i NEVER saw a cloud piece.now you come up to canada and do one.nah kid,nah.your a jock aka biter aka fuckin toy movemaker.one of the first rules,if there are any rules in graffiti is dont bite.or at least give credit where its due.i aint the graffiti police but some one needs to call bullshit on your jock ass.i'll just blame canada.

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UP definitely lacked the overall quality it's had in years past. that being said, there were enough up and coming writers who showed that the future of graffiti isn't in terrible shape.

the event definitely didn't have the spark of excitement it had just 5 or 6 years ago. this was the first time i can remember there being empty spaces on the wall mid-way through the afternoon, whereas a few years ago people were fighting over spots. they need to get the lost wallspace back, and start bringing in some of the original writers to show what made Under Pressure such a great event in the first place - otherwise meeting of styles is going to blow it out of the water.

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