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Is New York the biggest hating City in todays Graf game?

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beef is part of graffiti whether you like it or not


o fcourse beef is apart of it. . . but when its mindless senseless shit?. . . it makes no damn sense at all. . . like someone coming and sharing what they have, fine they might not be good but maybe they just started? no now a days everyone will hate that person just because. . . nad if you ask me its lame. if ima talk shit about someone or beef with someone better believe its gonna be worth my time

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n8galicia you're a fucking troll....go troll up some more threads and leave your witty comments. Although I ain't gotta tell you to do that, you're going to anyway....whatev


NYC isn't the biggest hating city, its 12oz. these bitches got beef with anyone who ain't got 20 tictacs and been a member since this place opened.


Yeah they aired me out, big fucking deal.

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i dont know too much about new yorks scene only the shit i have seen on dvd's and from this forum.but just from that it would seem like yall are some hatin ass niggas.hahah.but thats just what ive seen on movies and shit and thats not the whole scene so i cant say that for everybody.it just seems like bombers in general are always plexin and shit.always starting beef for one reason or another.its that bomber mentality of im gonna get up as much as i can everywhere i can and fuck who doesnt like it...most bombers i met had huge super ego's...

but like i said thats just generalization...



there is a difference between beefing with someone and just straight hating and being a dick.shit comes with the territory.grafffiti isnt always nice and not everyone gets along.if you cant deal with it maybe you should quit and find another hobby like stamp collection or someshit.

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