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On 11/23/2021 at 10:05 PM, Schnitzel said:

from Ksino's archives

sounds like a winner.

I guess I'll find out soon enoughfrontborntobomb_1024x1024@2x.thumb.jpeg.712acf977a85044bfbc2c88fa03a7c3e.jpeg

T his is a great book havent yert had a chance to really sit down and digest it but I keep opening  pages to find new content and interesting articles.









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couple more pics because they are dope


 that pistol piece from 87 -sick!IMG_4240.thumb.jpg.cf1dd7ff36f7408e9d0eecac5d3ebc33.jpg


If character top right looks familiar this  the guy who designed the hype magazine logo!IMG_4241.thumb.jpg.d8ce47dd9dda5582fd38b6edee790883.jpg




and this piece is special to me because december 1987 after it was done I went to brisbane to stay with a friend - my first solo trip away from home and to go 600 miles by yourself at 13 was pretty big thing.

his house was near this and we skated past it on way to get the train.


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11 minutes ago, One Man Banned said:


2 copies of Freight Train Graffiti?


Bought one for a friend overseas. Didn’t end up going back over there to give it to them. Maybe it will happen some day but haven’t been in touch with them for years since I stopped using social media 😂.


All bought at Half Price Books on the cheap. Wish I would have purchased a couple extra copies of the Futura book when they had a bunch years ago.

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3 minutes ago, Schnitzel said:

 what's inside?


A lot more text than I was expecting 😂.


I haven’t had a chance to dig into it much. I’ll let you know and post some images when I have a chance.

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 this looks good. Not so fussed about pretty boxes etc. but the outtakes book.


Hoo MAMA 800 never before seen photos by Martha Cooper.



This limited edition collection includes a special hardbound version of Spray Nation signed by Martha Cooper on vellum. Plus, the exclusive never-to-be-reprinted softbound Outtakes book, only available here. The Box Set weighs over seven pounds and has a magnetic closing flat, ribbon, both books, six postcards and an oversized poster, making this a must for any book collection.

BEYOND THE STREETS worked closely with Cooper to assemble over 800 photos - many pulled from dozens of boxes of slides that had not been opened since they were first shot over 40 years ago.

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