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For the first time, the history of graffiti in the Parisian Metro. To a colossal, archives of 1984 to the present day, and thanks to knowledge of the discipline and its master, on more than 300 pages, the author, Karim Boukercha work talks with leaders of this mysterious underground scene. More than 500 photos, documents, sketches, articles in newspapers. Testimony of dogs, craftsmen of the RATP inspectors of photographers. A journey into a world unknown and fantasmatic lives dedicated to a prohibited activity which only returns nothing. The book also offers a reflection on art, on the position of the artist, on the understanding the law and interdictions, the implications of the creation, on its place in a life...




coming 15 november......i think

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Between 2008 and 2010, two already well-known names in an incomprehensible mass of trains, walls and any relevant Internet portals have emerged: Taps & Moses. There is probably no writer in Europe who had stumbled at this time not at least 100 times over the Pieces - unless he lives behind the moon or on Mars is without internet access or blind.


Who and how many people can hide behind these aliases not say so exactly, but this is probably the program. With unbelievable audacity top spray the International Global 1000 in 1000 days, coaches have sent into the race - the guys all seem killjoys in the Graffiti game always one step ahead and thus have been the benchmark of what is possible or a good piece to put up.


With a lot of style - and even more wit and intellect - this caused a lot Burner, which have found their place in the eternal Hall of Fame Zuggraffitis or even be related. Besides the "normal" styles in that period a lot of rather "unusual" productions were made - as it should have happened before, that a train after their stay in the yard the next day to once a door in another location have had.


It has been probably only about 5% of the material found its way to the public, which is more than one may be curious what the other 95% ready yet unseen bangers and surprise.


Probably the most coveted Black Book these days is to appear in spring 2011 - first rumors to us here expect an almost 300 pages thick ham in A4 format of it this way really has it all.



This article is not available right now. sign up for guarantee or DIARY with your email address below, then you will be notified immediately when the goods arrive by mail.

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