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What's the last movie you saw?


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i had free passes to go see this the day before it came out....

but apparently so did like 300 other people.....cause the radio station likes to give out more free passes than there is space in the theater


...so when i got there with my homies and our free passes....shit was full...



on a side note.....i finally watched the simpsons movie yesterday with my homegirl...



i thought shit was funny....for all those people that didnt think it was too funny, i think its cause most of the jokes went over your heads.

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I saw Knocked up again last night, this time at the $1 theater.

earlier today i watched



and yeah, Let's Go To Prison was terrible. and you couldn't pay me to watch Rush Hour 3, well you probably could, and i probably will when it hits dvd, but it looks awful.

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Really good, really funny.

English subtitles NOT available - so sorry, so kinda limits most of the people here (except gingerbreadman, rushwaun and el mams) and OH lots of TITTY action for you perveracts


about 2 couples, and their respective 3rd parties (read. lovers) - and eventually ends up with the women against the men etc etc.


last ENGLISH-speaking movie i saw was ... that one with denzel and dakota fanning about kidnappings in mexico city, and he gets all crazy and vengeful and goes on an assasination spree- Man on Fire? yeah, thats it, pretty scary shit. and ps. marc anthony = gremlin

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Hot Fuzz isn't so much funny as it is really fucking brilliant. There's an insane amount of cleverness in it.


And Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas is awesome.



i knew i would get some acknowledgement from somebody.


another that i suggest to you is


AMARTE DUELE - but its kind of a "chilango" movie ... but a nice little cute story, kind of Romeo and Julietish




oh and the chikey poo in the flick -





i dunno if it has english subtitles or not (?)

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