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Woman lights herself on fire to protest racism.


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More of Europe's high standards of racial policy...


'Monkey chants'



USA's Beasley hears racial taunts in European match


Posted: Tuesday August 7, 2007 8:01PM; Updated: Tuesday August 7, 2007 8:01PM


BIJELO POLJE, Montenegro (AP) -- American midfielder DaMarcus Beasley scored his first goal for Glasgow Rangers and was taunted by racist fans during a 1-0 victory over FK Zeta on Tuesday night in European Champions League qualifying.


A small section of fans made "monkey chants" aimed at Beasley and teammate Jean-Claude Darcheville, according to Rangers' Web site.


"It happened to me a few years ago when PSV played Red Star in Belgrade, and I can't believe racist abuse is still in football," Beasley was quoted as saying on Rangers' Web site. "People can come to a match and jeer, but the racist thing just has to get out of football."


The 25-year-old Beasley, who was loaned from PSV Eindhoven to Manchester City last season, joined Rangers in June.


"It sickens to hear these chants, but when you are on the pitch, you have to try to blank it out," Beasley was quoted as saying. "It degrades the game for everyone. I will discuss the situation with Rangers because I feel strongly about it, and we will decide if we should file a complaint."


Beasley, who made his competitive debut for Rangers in a Scottish Premier League game last weekend, scored on a 20-yard shot in the 81st minute. Rangers advanced 3-0 in the home-and-home, total-goals series and plays Red Star Belgrade or Estonia's Levadia Tallinn for a berth in the Champions League.


The Union of European Football Associations could take action against FK Zeta.


"If it did happen, I wasn't aware of it, but the players coped well with the atmosphere," Rangers manager Walter Smith said. "DaMarcus is starting to look a bit brighter, and I am pleased with this progress."


Copyright 2007 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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I've always disliked how Europeans were on that holier-than-thou, "we're better than the US, we don't have racism" trip.


For one, the US has historically had diverse ethnic groups/races. So racial tension is bound to exist. Europe within the last few decades has only recently been seeing different races of immigrants. When I went to Europe and spent time there, could feel the stares and the racism, and hear the comments.


just because they look at you and say shit doesn't necessarily mean they're being racist. they might be saying, "look how gentleman-like that black fellow is."

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I don't thing there was ever a "nationwide" race riot. But the last race riot I remember was in 92 or so. And it was in multiple cities, not just LA.


when MLK was assasinated, there were riots pretty much everywhere in america where there was a black ghetto, even in cities with like 30,000 people, except maybe the deep south. that would have to qualify as nation wide. most of these riot weren't anywhere as big as Watts/Newark/Detroit of course.

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