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Guest professor poopatronic

why poopatronic's life is pathetic

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Guest professor poopatronic

- i didn't leave the house today

- i haven't had a girlfriend in over two years

- i listen to rammstein

- my friends think i'm gay

- my graffiti sucks

- i've been skating since i was 11 years old and i still really suck



i'll think of more shit later



p.s. this is not a post to make people feel sorry for me, i've had everything handed down to me in life and yet i'm still a dorky loser which is the most pathetic thing of all

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that aint so bad.


my unlce, who's 43, still lives in his mother's basement, gets beaten up almost every weekend at this skeazy bar called the Purple Onion, has a huge stash of dirty porn, has his mother do his laundry, and once was (and still probably is) addicted to crack. oh, and all of his nefews and neices call him uncle Junkie. hows that for a poor fucking loser? and what about my poor grandma??? the sweatheart is so oblivious. i hate that fucking guy.


think of people like this when you're in your downtime.

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Guest professor poopatronic

like i said i'm not complaining, my life has actually been pretty damn great so far. i'm just talking about what a dork i am. oh and how could i forget:


-shoplifting is my sole source of income, most of which is spent on weed. pretty fuckin cool

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Guest professor poopatronic

actually i payed football for like three years... not sure if you knew that


just felt like bumping this because my situation hasn't changed


- i watch dexter's laboratory and the powerpuff girls with my mom

- i drink green sludge

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its all good man...i was jokin....

infact....tonight was great.... some wannabe cholo kids came over and gave me shit on how i thought that little grey animation was cool.

heres some other reasons my friends and others think im gay:

-i drink iced chai and eat pesto cheese spread on fine thinsheet italian crackers.

-i wear pink shirts.

-i listen to pop music.

-i think pink is the coolest color.:)

-i paint retarded looking starfish and get paid to do so.

-i wear tea-tree-oil facial peels, and mud masks (right now for example i am wearing a mud mask.)

-i wear very bright saucony and puma tennis shoes and tight jeans or black slacks with them.

-i own many pairs of shoes. more than your average girl.

-i lift weights after watching varsity blues.

-i play football and lacrosse with friends regularly.

-i hang out at home watching spongebob squarepants and the cooking channel.

-i like cathedral chanting and listen to it regularly.

-i collect auromatherapy candles.

-i wear tight sweaters.

-i use herbal essances shower gel along with my many many many different shampoos and conditioners.

-i frequently stop to look in the mirror and adjust my beautiful spikey hair.

-i drink smoothies regularly.

-i am listening to bing crosbey right now.

haha and probably way to many more to list. oh well. i havent kissed a girl in over a month. my life is shittty like that.

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