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best city to write in

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the world is bigger than the usa...

poland is the best country to write in.

im not from poland but ive been there and its so hardcore over there

graff is dead in usa, bring the hate.

poland is alive and destroying shit


I actually just got back from Poland a few weeks ago. Krakow, Warsaw and some small towns, did a lot of driving through the country over by the Ukraine and shit. Gotta say I was amazed at how many rural areas were crushed with dozens of burners. We'd see people on the side of the road, maybe 20 feet out, painting in broad daylight in the middle of nowhere. That said, Norway has always been my favorite place to get up in europe and pittsburgh in the US (though I've heard they're really strict if you get caught). Lolz first post.

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Detroit..hands down, 1/3 of the cities abandon and cops have better things to do then bust writers....just dont tag over any gang graffiti


It seems like a ton of people have been painting Detroit as of recent. Even a ton of out of towners, so yeah I'm going to have to vouch for Detroit.

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I think that right now, best city to write is Athens/Greece

Offers everything! Easy or hard streetbombing, never buffed. Easy or hard commuters, clean or dirty, any kind of yard lay up. Also the subway is on an uproar, fullcolor and dirty, looks like Rome or Bucharest, but there's still some space. Easy paint. Finally, for the "hard" ones, check out the metro, one of the hardest in Europe, offers super atmo underground yards, highly protected depots etc

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