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best city to write in

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They might WRITE in LA, but they sure ain't from LA.


Like in my town, most of the writers go to the surrounding areas so people end up thinking they're from whatever other city. People don't understand that writers never stay in the same spot or something...

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Oh yeah gionkicksit? Come see me I'll show you how NYC kicks it and idgaf where Adek and all them BTM art fags are from, they're not from nyc and why the fuck are they taking art tours painting my fucking city. And as tha what said is true, they're not even running shit all they have is old ass SoHo and Lower East Side spots , my nigga JS,BAK, VILDOG and JEOR are running shit 2k11 you best believe that.

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Lisbon, Portugal. Why?

The cops don't have the resources or manpower to make a serious crackdown on graff; there's no jail time for writers; there's a lot of subway and suburban trains to hit; lots of abandoned industrial areas; highway bombing; not much violent crime; the weather and the beer.

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And all you bitches hating on Canada have never even been here because your broke ass cant afford a bus ticket so you can shut your mouth. Everyone in the USA thinks they're the shit... Only problem? EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD HATES YOU. EVEN MOST US CITIZENS HATE THE US hahahahahaha fools


if it wasnt for the united states, graffiti wouldnt be what it is today.


i know this and im canadian.

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the world is bigger than the usa...

poland is the best country to write in.

im not from poland but ive been there and its so hardcore over there

graff is dead in usa, bring the hate.

poland is alive and destroying shit

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