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What to do in san francisco...


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haha. harsh, harsh. i didn't say it was hard to get laid, i said my luck with asians there was poor. though i did smash this vietnamese girl with great DDs on her. that was fun. other than that population, the white girls and even the latin girls are up for the smashing.

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yes, it's very nice you should totally go and hang out there then go to potrero hill projects and have a bbq.


you can travel via bike, muni, bart, cable car, cabs, you can always meet people (even some busted pale asian whore who only date asian guys) and mooch.


some places to eat:

minh's garden on clement

specialty's mmmm... cookies...

jj's pot o' soul (great breakfast)

balazo (yummy burritos)

blue front (great salads)

askew grill (cheap and healthy)

sushi boat (get the spicy tuna handroll)

plutos (cheap but healthy food)

slanted door

the house


blondie's pizza slice and a soda

the mission for booze and hookers

golden gate park for museums and biking

bike across the golden gate bridge into sausalito and take the ferry back

yerba buena

modern art museum

the audium

GIANTS game!!!


last i looked in the mirror i was pretty damn dark, i'm not a whore, and i've never dated an asian guy. will my korean heritage be stripped away from me? oh fuck i'm screwed.

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hahaha. every single one of you must be some ugly ass dudes. sf girls are some of the easiest to get into. they aren't even sly about straight staring at you when they want you. step up your game?


I couldn't have said it better myself, if after 20 minutes of talking to a girl in sf at a bar/party, you are not making out with her, with her telling you to come back to her place. Your doing somthing wrong.

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watch out for heroin needles.....catch a ball game if you can...sick stadium....stay away from the wharf its a trendy tourist trap....haight presidio alcatraz check out market st. maybe go to crazyhorse or some shit...chances are you can get wasted at some dive bar in the tenderloin....go paint at ocean beach..learn about muni the subway.....once again watch out for heroin needles

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yup been plenty of time to know...

all i know is that im hitting fat slice right at 10.

then the game.. and going home.. san fransisco doesnt excite me anymore like it used to..

maybe if i didnt go so often i would be stoked but now its just like..



Time to find some new spots in the city then. I've lived less than 30 min away my whole life and I still like going to the city whenever I getthe chance. I also try to do one new thing whenever I'm there except any homo stuff

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truth. unless you are asian don't even bother talking to an asian girl, they only date AZN boyz there. its bullshit. stupid slant eyed wholes.


damn what the fuck are you talking about?? the asian girls here love fuckin with non asian fobs and niggas who dont drive civics....all my boys are on the asian hype including me

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night time - If you don't want to take some time with an asian girl, then talk to some latinas at the Esta Noche on 16th St in the Mission district. Then while you're there, get some drinks with her at the Bar on Mission in the Mission.


day time - Franciscan Hobbies is on Ocean sort of near City College, then there is Heros Club on Clement in the Richmond.


getting around - bike, there are MUNI buses but they suck. The rails are a little better. BART rocks.


if you get tired or agro and need a place to stay, drop by my place at 850 Bryant Street.

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