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im not a huge fan of michael moore but hes got a bunch of valid points here....and hes right....you can watch cnn or abc or pick up an issue of time magazine and see these pharmaceutical company ads all over....ads which cost money for the companies thus causing the prices to go up for people who can't afford it.....even the prices of generic meds go up because of this because they can..since companies like pfizer make so much money......universal health coverage is important especially since more than 50 million people are uninsured in this country....thats fucked up...the only argument is that our taxes will go up if we want a system like france...but the fact is that slight increase in taxes is better than the fucking medical bills you see if youre in an accident....i mean cmon now.....an ambulance ride from your house to the hospital alone can cost upwards of $30,000...plus just having a spot in the ER costs you money just to sit on a gurney....fuck that.....people have to declare bankruptcy in some cases to avoid debts they incur.....ok im done being pissed off....back to channel zero...


/end rant.

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i really thought highly of someone, inclluding moore, who had the cojones to stand up and say the things about major media that need to be said. olbermann does it, but he doesn't get the press michale moore can achieve.


cudos to moore for this.

off to find his email address

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