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I did a search and saw that there was no thread, so in your opinions, what are the best or worst cover songs you have heard in your time. A couple to get started:


Jimi Hendrix: All Along the Watchtower


This version of the song is awesome, I don't know what else I can say.



Van Halen: You really got me, Pretty Woman and more


These motherfuckers made some good covers in their time, with the two I mentioned being the most famous.



Office of Strategic Influence: Set the Controls for the heart of the sun


I prefer their version of this song to the original by Pink Floyd. Big call I know, but this song is just fucken monsterous, and the drumming is insane in this version.



White Zombie covering Black Sabbath's Children of the Grave.


This song is made even better by more psychedelic effects and crazy samples. Definitely worth a listen





OK, I have a few more up my sleeve, but I'll let CH 0 throw their opinions in the ring.

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No no remixes.


Remixes are gay.


This is actual songs, played by musicians, subsequently played better or worse than the original. That is the rules of this thread.


And to the RATM Renegades album, there are only a few songs on their that I like, and some are really crap.

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Sorry man, there are plenty of other threads for that (Mixtrader?) but this is to allow people to listen to covers they might not know of. I don't think just pushing a couple of buttons or chopping a song into pieces really constitutes a cover, sorry mang.

But the RATM album, I dunno, I listen to it whenever it pops up on my comp, and some songs I like and some I don't. Just the way it is, but if you like it, then more power to you...

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Honestly I do this for a living here is what kills...



Put your local bands up on this too...


Laid by James

Senorita - Justin Timberlake

My Pony - Ginuwine

Killing in the name of - RATM (belive me this is the only one that 100% of the crowd knows and will flip out even the A&F girls freak out start throwing bows)

Mr.Brownstone - G&R

Paridise City - G&R

Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard

500 miles - uhhh i dunno..

This AINT A SCENE ITS A GOD DAMN ARMS RACE - emohippygayband (honestly if you hat the band and you are drunk you still sing this song


Mony Mony - i dont know who (you gotta scream FACE DOWN ASS UP THATS THE WAY WE LIKE TO FUCK)

crazy bitch- buckcherry

Cry me a river - justin timberlake

Sublime - anything

Bon Jovi - if you dont know your retarded...

Puff Daddy/ Mase - the one where they are wearing the shiney suits...




Killer medley...


Tainted love > Rhianna SOS > Call Me by Blondie (live version very bluesy)

Rockin Robin > Jeffersons Theme (dont ask I dont get why either)

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fuck it here is all of them...most of them I have about 70 more songs we play...



You dont have to call-Usher

You make me wanna- Usher

You owe me-Nas and Ginuwine

feel like makin love-

faith -that gay dude

crazy bitch buck cherry (remember we play it different)

dukes of hazzard (we play it in the key of E)

cocaine blues

all night long -ac dc(in the key of G)

prayer 94

highway to the danger zone/beat it

say it aint so -weezer

my doorbell White Stripes -key of E, learn that middle section)

beautiful (christina aguilera)

tainted love

call me -blondie

vagina song (key of D Minor, ask next time I'll show u how we do it)

feelin' all right -joe cocker

closer -nin

that's all right mama -elvis?

you shook me all night long- ac/dc

rockin robin/jefferson's theme

what I got -sublime

pour some sufar on me - Def Leppard

drive myself crazy -nsync just learn main parts dont learn middle

gone -nsync learn whole thing

cry me a river - justin timberlake)

i want it that way -backstreet boys

stairway to heaven - Zepplin(learn basic bass chords for all parts, we'll show u how we play it)

the sign -Ace of Base

this ain't a scene - Fall Out Gay (change key from A to G)

500 miles - The Proclaimers

jessie's girl - Rick Springfield

fancy pants - Ween

kielbasa - Tenacious D

we are going to be friends-white stripes?

lola -kinks

gallow's pole (zeppelin)

mr brownstone -G&R

billie jean - Micheal Jackson

turn off the lights -nelly furtado

used to love her - G&R

patience- G&R

rapper's delight- Sugar Hill Gang

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I'm now picturing Some1 and his ska band playing Nas and Falloutboy songs to young drunk girls.

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no no no Fuck the ska band I quit that finally told them to fuck off with their free shows. I play this with an amazing Slash/Eddie Van Halen style guitarist. The kid is so fucking amazing so fast so technical and we completely waste it all on this shitty music its fun as hell. Basically our goal at a show is to get people dancing laughing and say tits ass boobs semen testicals and fuck as many times as we can in 3 hours...oh while we get completely hammered until we cant see...



then we pick out the young drunk girls and bring them home and film them...

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You still should have tapped the ska bands singer mang.

I think you missed the point of this thread a little also some1, as this is about covers that have been recorded, I still think you should record the vagina song and put a link up on here.

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ooooooooo I get it sorry. Once again proving I am a jackass...


I'll record it for you it will be kinda shitty recording but we will do it this week.

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Sorry, I know what you meant, and your intentions were good!

Looking forward to hearing it, but I am surprised your band hasn't covered the legendary piece of music known as 'The Johnny Fucken Ballbags' themesong.


Another cover I like is NOFX's version of 'Go your own way' (with help by members of Bad Religion).


Bad cover is Madonna's version of American Pie.

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Seriously good my dad bought the cd its really really good.


Have you heard the 'Yellow Matter Custard' Beatles cover band with Mike Portnoy and Paul Gilbert in it some1?


I'm listening to the 'Hammer of the Gods' Zepplin cover band at the moment and Mr Portnoy goes pretty insane on the drum solo in Moby dick. Check that shit out people.

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Hell, Dream Theater has done some good covers in their time, but LaBries vocals don't always suit the music (eg Metallica), but the rest of the band rocks (as always).


I haven't seen the videos, or heard the audio as I don't care much for the Beatles, which is why I can't imagine MP on that pissy little kit. I might check out that vid you posted though.

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i just want more GOOD bands to cover the misfits.

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haha Glik0 you should come to my halloween show I am planning this year...

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