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"Real hip hop" videos off youtube or whatever else.


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don't sleep on any of this shit.

trust me.


Eastside Bastads, Nga Fsh, Cypha 7, Busdriver & Riddlore? "Iz Hip Hop Dead?"


Eastside Badstads

Live at The GoodLife Cafe LA, CA Circa 93.



Live at The GoodLife Cafe LA, CA Circa 94........so good.



Ngafsh&Mrs.Wreccless On Da Phone............FIIIIIIIIIIISH!



HipHopKclan - Kclantastik


this isn't exactly a music video but the song is out of fucking control.


Heavyweights Round 4: J-Smoov, Aceyalone, Neb Luv, P.E.A.C.E., Rifleman Ellay Khule, Medusa, Abstract Rude, Suga B, Myka Nyne / Mikah 9, Zulu Butterfly Priest, NgaFsh / Nga Fish, Self Jupiter, K-Bar, Trensetta / Trenseta, Rhymin Riddlore?, Busdriver, Ko Ko, Volume 10 ...




Ellay Khule - Who's Killing Hip Hop?



Rifleman - Faces Of Def


its crazy all the afterlife cats don't own the rap scene.



whats even crazier is that no one ever listens to tony da skitzo.



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Cypress Hill Insane in the Membrane



Cypress hill - Aint goin out like that



Cypress Hill-Throw Your Hands In the Air



Cypress Hill - Hand On The Pump


Cypress Hill How i could just kill a man


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