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Reppin old skool 85-93

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Hey all

New to this forum.

Just gotta say I still fiend for that smell of a can.

I started bombing in 85 my last tag was in 93 and I still wanna go out one night to hit a few walls.


I was more into bombing that piece'in .

I had to see my tag every where i went so I mainly had shit up in North Newark area in New Jersey. rt 280, rt21, rt22, rt80, rt3

I especially needed to be up around the way so I was all over North Newark.

being alot older now and i still can't explain why it was such a thrill seeing me up.

It was mad fun to wait until early morning while being drunk as hell to go bombing and hit every thing i could. Then go drive by the next day and admire my work.

Back then it was better when they hardly ever buffed shit.

I only have a few tags and throw ups left, but they faded.


The one thing i noticed now a days that i cant understand is that there is alot of dissing going on. there isnt that many tags like back in the day and the ones that i see are dissed.


you new schoolers got a chip on yall shoulders..


anyways just wanted to say whats up to all the writers on this forum



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