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True Life: Im a Juggalo


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this motherfucker got married on the side of his moms house


with his sunday's best on, painted like a gay clown, and had his girl holding their smokes in her hand during the ceremony..

so better on the side of moms house than in front of their used trailer.

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Best part about this whole thing is they spelled Juggalo wrong haha



Still can't get over this shit, but yo this shits a triple fail !


1. Juggalo Tattoo


2. Spelled wrong yes


but 3. IT IS FACING THE WRONG WAY! Shit shoulda been on his right arm if its facing that direction.


Cool Story Time Brah...


So this cat from a city near by has been doing his thing graff wise and more recently got down with that 3 letter crew you etiher love or hate. Dude came thru with some other writers we know for the weekend, walks into our spot and we carry on with the normal talking shit and calling shots on eachother. Im pretty faded and start eyeing dudes tattoos from afar (NH). I read JUGGALO, saw a hatchetman, and he had some other Juggaffiliated shit and think "OH. Shit? for real?"

Just as it registers in my mind that dude is down with the clown, I try to make way over to my homie and inform him.


But I was too late.


The homie starts going on a rant about Fucking juggalo this, Chuck D & Coolio failed, long haired nerdy Faygos that. I was stuck as the room fell silent, and the bagging haulted as my homie was called out.

We never woulda thought that a writer could be down with the clown.




I had to snap this photo for this thread the other day, it was unpassable.....



^ Happy Evil -also a graffiti writer:lol:

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