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True Life: Im a Juggalo


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It probably smells like stale beer, cigarette butts, wet dog and gouda cheese kuntboxes (props mero) and methsmoke.


Every time these fags gather at a venue in my city, the next day the sidewalk is black from them splashing there Fago pop all over the place. They leave behind a visible trail of filth.

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you know, i bet the juggafag community is super hyped about this new album. i guess its a 3 disk set.

thats a pretty big tour too.


fuckin a



that would be cool if you guys crashed it but i dont think i could handle the excessive lack of deodorant and home-made dreadlocks alongside the horrible music.

i would seriously go berserk and end up picking a fight and being largely out numbered. getting stomped out by juggafags isnt a good look in 2009.

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Funny thing is the closest they are from detroit the place they supposedly originated from, is like 3 hours away, maybe more.


I seen these fucks on 8-mile headed to the burbs. At a red light, asked why they never go in detroit, what they claim....they had nothing to say. I could've robbed them shook fools.


Kid Rock, Em, and the Jugz....quit claimin you rep Detroit. Never did, never have, none of ya. Y'all rep the burbs, bitches.

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