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True Life: Im a Juggalo

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According to the Wikipedia entry on these 'juggalos', Chuck D of Public Enemy identifies himself as one. Thats fuckin strange....


I knew one self-proclaimed Juggalo who used to treat his girlfriend, who was probably at least 15 years younger than him, like complete shit. Worse, he was dating her mother prior to her, thats how they met. I've known a few kids who were into ICP that were actually good people, one of them even had good taste in music (except for the ICP thing of course), but most of them, well... they give the few kids I mentioned a very very very bad name.


I heard an ICP song once, just one, so I ask (I had to look up the lyrics prior to writing this); Do any of you Juggalos out there get butt naked and walk around and wink at 'freaks' with a 2-litre (of Faygo I presume) stuck in your 'butt-cheeks'? Would you put a weave in your nut hair because you don't care what a 'bitch' thinks, would tell her that 'her butt stinks'? And, according to the lyrics of your fearless leaders, you guys drink like fishes, hug people, pick fights, then get back to hugging, is there any truth to this? Last, but certainly not least, being a lunatic, if I tied a rope to my dick and jumped from a 10th story window, would that make me a clown for life, down for life?


deep as the shit I'm in...

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